Judge - Ms Z Rawson

The Club Championship Show was held at The Newark & Notts Showground, Newark where our judge was Ms Z Rawson

Best Puppy In Show - SOFALA SEQUENCE

BIS Rekaylahn Blaze JW
RBIS Ch Veldtkammer Lady Done a Bunk

BPIS Sofala Sequence


It was an honour to have been invited to judge this show, I had a lovely entry of quality dogs, pity there were not more cards, as some good exhibits went cardless.

MPD: (4) 1st & best PD MONDURI UN BEAU LION, very well balanced promising baby, at 6 months old he is all there, excellent bone pleasing head strong body, very well schooled and shown, moved very true.
not as mature as winner and going through a gangly stage, good body and substance, nice head, well handled and presented, didn’t move as well as winner
3rd PLOUGHLANDS PRINCE, a lovely youngster with excellent potential, everything in the right place, good balance and movement his handler didn’t help him at all

2nd SOFALA STATESMAN on the large side, lacked in overall balance, correct topline, good muscular condition, wasn’t coordinated on the move.

JD (10) 1st MWANI KAMAOU an upstanding dog, elegant, long neck, well laid shoulder, nice width of thigh, good rear angulation. Moved with drive.
2nd GODOLPHINS ONE MORE TIGER well balanced, good head, long neck correct spring of rib, nice sweeping stifles, true movement
3rd MWANI BAKARI good bone nice head, strong neck well angulated shoulder, correct topline moved well

NOVICE (3) not a particularly exciting class, 1st RED LUNGILE OF EILACK quite well balanced throughout, deep brisket, good shoulder, well made hindquarters, in muscular condition, moved well
2nd NGAMI CHEKANDINO unplaced before, he seemed to settle now and really move well. Long neck good shoulder, correct topline good quarters.
3rd.GUNTHWAITE CHIBANDA a rangier dog than the winners, nice length of neck, correct shoulder, too steep in stifle.

PGD (5) 1st GANNOWFELL YAKUBU, best balance in this class, pleasing head, good length of neck, good lay back of shoulder, strong muscular hindquarters, moved adequately well.
2nd MANZILI MORI, would have been my winner had he been slightly less fat, very nice overall conformation, good muscle tone and movement.
3rd TRENDSETTER KIBOGO a rangier dog than the winners, his main asset is his very true movement, would have preferred a better angulation of the stifle

LD (9) 1st NYASSA ADAM an upstanding dog of quality, lovely body construction , long neck, well laid shoulder, good head, muscular hindquarters, correct hind angulation, moved well.
2nd TSJAKKA STAN, pushed very hard for first place, another well balanced dog, with a good head, good spring of rib, and strong quarters, tight feet, moved well.
3rd GODOLPHINS BLAZING SUN liked him a lot good body and balance strong quarters, would prefer less white, moved well

OD (14) a lovely class to judge full of mature quality dogs.
1st CH. HESPA HALALI OTAWI JW deep red upstanding and elegant dog, typical head, excellent bone and substance , powerful dog, with a great body, superb angulation front and back and a strong driving movement RCC.
2nd CH MIRENGO’S MUKO MAKO another great dog, a pleasure to go over such good balance and elegance without coarseness, attractive head with punishing jaws, strong muscular condition, and easy and true mover. 3rd IR.CH.WALAMADENGIE AWESOME, he is of different type altogether, very well put together and compact in body, good balance, good front assembly, and good movement

VD. 1st and CC, UK.FCI.INT.IR.CH. IMBALI KIPENZI JW, wheaten dog of the highest quality, I couldn't fault him at all and amazing at his age, I am sure his qualities have been sung many times before, it was a privilege to go over him, great drive on the move and absolutely true in front and back.

MPB (4) 1st KWEKWE K’BEYA what a mature baby just 6 months old and behaving and enjoying it all like a veteran, good body with correct substance and good bone, nice overall shape and balance, true movement and lovely temperament.
2nd VELDKAMMER JUST CHILLING AT ROTTZRIDGE another very promising baby, just so unlucky to meet winner, going through a slightly occurd stage, not as mature as one moved well.
3rd TRENDSETTER ADHIAMBO very elegant puppy with a lovely long neck good shoulder, nicely balanced didn’t move as well as the winners

PB (5) 1st and BPIS, SOFALA SEQUENCE a very well made pup, with good bone and plenty of substance, nice feminine head with good expression, good deep chest , correct topline and well angulated quarters , moved very true.
2nd AFRICANER STORM , very well balanced, good spring of rib. Good feet, strong driving action, just less mature than 1.
3rd TRENDSETTER TARANA completes a trio of promising puppies, long neck good shoulder, she didn’t have the movement of the other 2.

JB ( 10) A pleasure to judge this class, the exhibits were very nice, and of the highest quality
1st GODOLPHINS ONECOOLCAT AT KANANGA feminine elegant bitch with a lot of quality, free mover, with a lovely body and good muscle tone.
2nd IMOLA IMANI if anything I almost preferred her to the winner, she just wouldn’t settle in the ring she is so full of life, great body and conformation.
3rd HARVESTTRAIL KIERA OF IMBALI a very substancial youngster, hope she has done all her growing, scored particularly on her great movement

NB (5) 1st CHAINAMA GLORY OF SAFIKANA, strong body with good bone , well ribbed up chest, good muscle on the hindquarters, low hocks, good movement.
, very pretty head, nice shoulder angulation, strong hindquarters good topline and true gait.
3rd SKYPINDA PRINCESS TALULA, in beautiful coat condition, pleasing head and fair shoulder, correct topline, moved well.

PGB (7)1ST MANZILI MASKHARA, a typical bitch, stood out in this class, gorgeous head, stong boned body, balanced throughout, easy mover.
3rd TIASTI TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE AT GUNTHWAITE so unlucky to meet the winners, a worthy bitch, very sound, good overall conformation and feminine head

LB(14) the strongest class numerically and quite hard to sort out, many worthy bitches went cardless,
, an outstanding bitch, very glamorous and elegant yet with a strong powerful body, nice feminine head with a lovely expression, excellent shoulder placement and overall balance, good coupling, in great muscular condition with good bend of stifle, tremendous drive from powerful quarters on the move.
2nd TRENDSETTER AZA VOM ROTTRIDGE another quality bitch in super nick. Good body and balance, well angulated shoulder, well sprung ribs in muscular form, moved truly, would have preferred her to be slightly smaller.
3rd HESPA HIGH AS A KITE AT VELDTKAMMER completed a trio of high quality bitches, nice body construction good balance and an easy stride on the move.

OB (11) I found this class the most difficult to judge, the bitches I really liked didn’t move well and the ones that did move, weren’t quite my cup of tea!
1st and RCC and RBIS CH VELDTKAMMER LADY DONE A BUNK, I liked her as a puppy in 2003 and what a beauty she has matured into, her praises have been sung by many, she is a real showgirl and a superb mover, seemed a bit lethargic due to the heat I expect.
2nd IR.CH.WALAMADENGIE LADY ELEGANCE, I just loved her shape, she is just the right size, and so well made, nice head, long neck, good angulation strong hindquarters, unfortunately her front movement let her down today.
3rd LEONESS AT FEATHERBED WITH KINABULA JW good body and shoulder construction long neck, correct topline and movement.

VB(7) 1st IMOLA INDIANAPOLIS quality girl of good size, good head and body, capacious chest, good lenghth of loin , well muscled moved with drive.
2nd CH EXHURST IANA rangier than winner femine head, long neck in super condition.
3rd NIASSA RANZI good typey bitch, in great form, has all the right attributes, and good movement



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