Judge - Mrs S Simper

The Club Championship Show was held at The Newark & Notts Showground, Newark where our judge was Mrs S Simper (Matabelle)

Best In Show - Ch Sonstraal Christmas Eve at Kazval JW
Reserve Best In Show - Veldtkammer Dew To More Duo
Dog CC - Veldtkammer Dew To More Duo
Bitch CC - Ch Sonstraal Christmas Eve at Kazval JW
Best Puppy In Show - Veldtkammer Face Bovvered
Best Puppy Dog - NYASSA DAXX
Best Puppy Bitch - Veldtkammer Face Bovvered

BIS Sonstraal Christmas Eve at Kazval JW
BIS Sonstraal Christmas Eve at Kazval JW


RBIS Veldtkammer Dew to More Duo
RBIS Veldtkammer Dew to More Duo


BPIS Veldtkammer Face Bovvered
BPIS Veldtkammer Face Bovvered

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I would like to thank the Midland & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club for inviting me to judge their 35th ANNIVERSARY CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 14th July 2007; I considered it a great privilege. The atmosphere was great with generous applause for my winners. My task was made easy by my excellent steward.

A minute silence was observed to remember Betty Webster, who very sadly passed away on Thursday the 12th of July. She will be very sorely missed, the Janak kennels contribution to the Rhodesian ridgeback is incalculable.

A super entry numerically but more importantly qualitywise. I was able to place hounds throughout the classes with the attributed in construction and movements I think is essential to an endurance hound that is the Rhodesian ridgeback. I think the breed is in a strong position at the moment with depth of quality, type, substance and good movement in both dogs and bitches. In particular length of neck, bone and feet have improved throughout the breed. I have not commented individually on ridges because on the whole they were excellent as was temperament.

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1st Orton & Gibbins' - Veldtkammer Rhode Runner - Well grown 7 months red dog pup, good bone and feet, excellent front, masculine head of good proportions. Good bend of stifle, moved out with good length of stride in profile, still immature in ribbing which is to be expected in this age showing a lot of promise
2nd Davis & Robinson's - Imola Imac
- This young dog pup scored in his length of neck into well placed shoulders, good depth and length of ribcage, well made quarters, good stride in profile action when he decided to move in a straight line. Gave his patient handler a very hard time but he thought it all a hoot. Lost to winner in feet, with care, hopefully these will tighten

Puppy Dog (4)

1st Campbell's - Nyassa Daxx - Very shapely 9 months rich wheaten, well shaped head with good expression, good depth and width of foreface, good infill of forechest for age and well ribbed back. Moving very accurately coming and going with nice stride in profile. Strong bone with excellent front and feet. Best dog puppy
2nd Regan & Tearne's - Faachac Fumbaa Aan N’gai - Well boned 11 months red wheaten. Good front and feet. Good depth of rib, straight topline, well bent stifle, strongly made all through. Strong masculine head with somewhat bold eye giving him a rather hard expression which just lost him first place. Moving soundly coming and going. Another promising pup
3rd Sales' - Lionpride Leo - Very well made 9 months red wheaten, good neck and shoulder. Medium size, good depth of rib, very well made quarters, moving soundly and freely, his head needs to develop through the stop yet, he is young so hopefully this will come
Res Rhodes' - JANAK JAGO

Junior Dog (10-1)

1st Boyd, Rossiter & Fox's - Sonstraal Gabe’s Prospect at Sescheke (TAF) - Glorious up to size 16 months rich wheaten, good head shape with depth and width to foreface, correct eyes and expression. Lovely length of neck into good shoulders, strong quality bone, very good front with super feet, strong level topline, very deep capacious ribcage. Broad well muscled quarters with good bend of stifle and low set hock, very accurate coming and going with lengthy movement in profile, has that illusive combination of size and substance with elegance. Very close up for Reserve CC.
2nd Story's - Kaisaala Odyseuss by Kiromol - 13 months clear red, another lovely youngster, very strong bone for size, super front and feet, not quite the neck and shoulder of winner, strong well made hindquarter, needs to drop a little in rib but I am sure this will come with age. Excellent movement both coming and going, powerful easy profile action. Another with beautiful head and expression close up
3rd Ratcliff's - Flametrees Kyper of Godolphin - Very handsome upstanding 15 months red wheaten. Very deep rib for age, good strong bone, well proportioned head with good expression, good length of neck, straight topline, good profile action, not quite as accurate coming towards me as winners

Novice Dog (5)

1st Harrower's - JIMANNS JINKY JOHNSTONE - 15 months clear red. Nicely made boy with a good length of neck into reasonable lay back of shoulder. Good depth of rib and well ribbed back, shapely quarters, clean scull with correct stop and good depth of muzzle. I would like a darker eye. Moving soundly with reasonable profile action
2nd Ball's - Voortrekker Zephyr -15 months light wheaten. Lovely headed dog with super expression, good neck into well placed shoulder, good length of ribcage. Would like a little more bone for size, rather slack in feet and pastern at the moment. Lengthy profile movement but untidy coming and going
3rd Heriot's - Ploughland Prince - A neat substantial hound, red wheaten, nice head type of good proportions, well carried ears, well made quarters with adequate bend of stifle, moved soundly

Post Graduate Dog (13-2)

1st Boyd, Rossiter & Fox's - Sonstraal Gabe’s Prospect at Sescheke (TAF)
2nd Vincent's - Umlandla Injabulo for Jematti - Well presented red wheaten. Head of good proportions, correct eye giving true expression. Reasonable length of neck of good shape into good shoulder, deep well padded feet, straight front, level topline with strong quarters. Very sound, would just like a little more reach and drive in profile action
3rd Perham's - Mwenga’s Dutch Courage - Handsome well balanced clear red, presented in super condition, lovely head with clean scull, correct eye and expression, excellent length of neck into well laid back shoulder. Adequate bone, good depth and length of rib, nice bend of stifle but a little high in the hock and slack in pastern. Moved out well but I would like a little more drive from the quarters. Well handled
VHC Crunden & Strickland's - VOORTREKKER SINOIA

Limit Dog (9-2)

1st Muir's - Kiromol Katigi of Kikeba -  Upstanding clear red with super bone, lovely head of correct proportions of scull to muzzle. Good ear carriage, long crested neck into well placed shoulders, scored in his front, straight forelegs and super feet. Deep ribcage, cuts up slightly from end of brisket, broad strong loin and good length of croup. Well muscled quarters with correct tail insertion. Would like a little more bend of stifle but his movement was quite effortless, long athletic stride with good propulsion from hind quarters. Long low daisy cutting forehand producing the light ground covering stride so essential for an endurance hound. RES CC
2nd Jeffery's - Mirengo’s Mikura - I have admired this lovely wheaten hound from the ringside. Standing he presents a well balanced picture, good head which is masculine with correct eye and excellent ear placement. Strong lengthy neck into well placed shoulder, well boned, deep capacious rib, straight topline with broad loin, well made hindquarters with good width of second thigh. Again a lovely moving hound, free and lengthy profile action, just a little slack in feet and pastern
3rd Clavin & Perkin's - Hespa Ganymede - Hespa Ganymede
Very appealing red wheaten, not disgraced by being third in this company. Tall, well balanced boy with good strong bone. Excellent front and feet. Masculine head with correct expression. Deep well sprunged ribs. Strong shapely hindquarters, a little high on the hock. Not quite as clean in elbow coming to me but lengthy active side gait

Open Dog (13-2)

1st Cooper's - Veldtkammer Dew To More Duo - Most impressive deep red. Commands attention. Up to size with strong, clean bone. Well balanced outline. Beautiful head with perfect proportions, lovely eye and expression. Clean scull with chiselling under eye. Deep powerful foreface. Super length of neck giving him that quality I look for. Good shoulders. He stands on super feet. Deep well sprung rib. Strong broad loin. Good length from hip to buttock bone giving him broad deep quarters. Moderate bend of stifle with excellent width of second thigh. Low set hock. Powerful profile action with good drive from hocks through to corresponding extension in forehand. A substantial mature hound presenting in super muscular order. Please to award him the CC. His third I am told.
2nd Ellis' Ir Ch Zejak Zuri Miko - Mature well balanced hound. Tall with excellent bone. His head is very masculine and of good type but rather too broad in scull. Deep powerful muzzle. Good front and feet. Again lovely length of neck into well angulated shoulder. Good depth of rib carried well back. Strong loin. Well turned stifle, a little high on hock. Very accurate coming and going with purposeful free profile action but could not quite match the winner here. Overall a quality hound
3rd Swales' - Mwani Bakari JW - Elegant red wheaten with the most beautiful head and expression. Lengthy neck into well laid back shoulder. Enough bone. Excellent front and feet. Level topline. Adequate bend of stifle. Would like a little width all through. Sound coming and going with good length in profile action
Res Clavin & Perkins' - Hespa Ganymede

Veteran Dog(5-1)

1st Brownlee's - Saragwe Hodari Jambaro - At two months short of 10 years this light wheaten hound is remarkable, his super condition and muscle tone is a credit to his owners. His head is classic being masculine but with great quality. Correct shape in scull and foreface. Beautiful eye and expression. Good length of neck into reasonably angulated shoulder, deep ribcage, strong well muscled quarters with adequate bend of stifle. Just a little straight in underline. Comes into his own on the move. Simply skimmed around the ring with such present. Obviously enjoying himself
2nd Henshall's - Sansilver Khwebha - Another quality boy, 8,5 years. Again in lovely condition. Lovely type and quality in his head. Flowing outline with good bone. Nice length of neck, well angulated shoulder and deep ribcage, shapely quarters. Free active mover, rather weak in feet
3rd Burgess' - Lukulu Umnqobi at Msulwa - Very masculine 7 years old wheaten. Rather heavy in type and shorter in leg. Deep ribcage, good topline, well muscled quarters. Again in super condition. His head is a little heavy in scull but with good eye and expression. Very sound coming and going, but would like a longer stride in profile action

Minor Puppy Bitch (7-1)

1st Parke's - Veldtkammer Face Bovvered - Very well grown 7 months red. Well boned, super front and feet. Good length of neck, well laid back shoulder. Deep rib extending well back, good topline, widths and depths to hind quarters which are shapely with good bend of stifle and low hock. Her head is of good type with feminine expression. Very accurate coming and going. Free active side gait. Won best puppy in show in her clean forehand action and over all balance. Very promising puppy
2nd Barnes' - Diamondridge Dollisima - Just 6 months wheaten bitch. Another with super front, bone and feet. Lovely classic head type. Reasonable length of neck, good shoulder, very shapely hindquarters with low set hocks. A bit loose all through at the moment which is to be expected at her tender age. Free easy profile action
3rd Ratcliff's - Godolphins Catchthecat - 6 months rich liver baby. Sweet head of good proportions with feminine expression. Good bone, legs and feet. Lengthy neck into well angulated shoulder. Good depth of rib for age. Again very good movement for one so young
Res Davis' - IMOLA IZOLA

Puppy Bitch (11-4)

1st Bailey's - Faahac Faethe Aan N’gai - Well grown 11 months red wheaten. Very pleasing head shape. Bright feminine expression. Well put together all through with good angulations in shoulders and quarters. Straight front standing on good feet with good depth of rib. Easy flowing action. Not quite so accurate coming to me as the minor puppy. Another very promising girl
2nd Tredwell & Symonds' - Shombay Shaamone - 11 months light wheaten. Substantial girl who is well constructed with a good neck into decent shoulders. Good depth and spring of rib for age. Well muscled quarters with good second thigh. Free easy profile movement, not quite as accurate coming and going as winner. Her head is of good proportions but a little masculine
3rd Selby's - Midfields Mata-Hari of Eilack - Very elegant deep red 9 months puppy in super condition. Lovely length of neck. Good front and feet. Deep rib. Well shaped head with appealing expression. Standing rather straight behind at the moment which just made her movement behind a little restricted. But at 9 months she has plenty of time to develop her. Delightful temperament

Junior Bitch (11-2)

1st Craven's - Hespa Hoguera - 13 months red wheaten of medium size. Elegant but with good substance and bone. Excellent front and feet. Lengthy neck into good shoulder placement. Good depth and spring of rib. Shapely hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Feminine head of good proportions. Well carried ears, good eye and expression. Very accurate coming and going with length and freedom in profile stride
2nd Crunden & Strickland's - Voortrekker Tuli - 13 months light wheaten of lovely proportions all through. Tall and elegant but again good substance and bone. Clean scull with beautiful eye and expression. Good length of foreface but just needs a little more depth to muzzle. Very sound in her front with long neck into well laid shoulders, deep ribs carried well back. Well made quarters with low hocks. Comes into her own in her move. Light free effortless action. Very close up to winner
3rd Nix's - Nyassa Caluua at Kitoko - 14 months red wheaten of good size and substance. Lovely head, clean flat scull, good eye and expression. Reasonable length of neck, adequate shoulder angulations. Nice outline standing, having good length to body made up of good depth of rib carried well back. Shapely hind quarters. Good length of stride in profile action but somewhat loose in elbow coming to me

Novice Bitch (1-1)

Post Graduate Bitch (16-6)

1st Kirby & Mansfield's - Shingwidsi Tshelana Riva - This red wheaten bitch appealed immensely. Lovely classic head with flat scull, ears carried close to the head, correct stop, beautiful eye and expression. Chiselling under the eye that give such quality. Good length of foreface with deep padded muzzle. Presented in immaculate condition. Well balanced outline, strongly boned and substantial but remaining feminine. Long shapely neck into very well angulated shoulder. Deep capacious rib extending well back with good spring. Broad strong loin, level topline with good length over croup. Strong shapely hindquarters, good width of second thigh. Low set hocks producing great drive, profile action is free, flowing and athletic with good extension in forehand. RES CC
2nd Turner's - Mwani Asali of Tsavo - Lovely bitch I have done well before. Similar in type to winner. Lovely head of good proportions of the classic type I consider correct. Good neck and shoulder, straight forelegs, good feet and strong bone. Deep ribcage extending well back. Strong well made hindquarters with low hocks. Profile action is lengthy with good propulsion and accurate coming and going. Not quite the topline of winner, but she has improved here
3rd Raymond's - Sofala Sequence - Very attractive red wheaten. More compact than winners. Nevertheless presenting a balanced picture. Feminine head with soft expression, quite deep through the stop. Strong bone with good front. Would like a little more infill in forechest. Scored in her quarters being very shapely and well muscled with low set hocks. Again free and active, lengthy profile action

Limit Bitch (16-1) A very strong class

1st Lawless' -  Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi to Faahac SHCM (Imp Swe) - Tall substantial but elegant rich liver bitch. She scores in her beautiful neck, super front and feet, deep well sprunged ribs carried well back. Good topline. Strong well muscled quarters with excellent bend of stifle. Good head proportions, lovely eye and expression with good ear carriage. Very sound coming and going with good width between hocks. Good length of stride in profile action. Just lost RES CC on shoulder angulations
2nd Story's - Kiromol KuLula - Another quality wheaten bitch. Similar in many ways to winner. Feminine head of good proportions and type. Long shapely neck, very good front and feet. Good forechest, deep ribcage extending well back. Reasonable shoulder angulations. Strong well muscled quarters, adequate bend of stifle. Very accurate coming and going. Light ground covering profile action. Has not always made the best of herself, but today showing with great confidence
3rd Whittinton's - Kiromol Kiangazi of Huntersleap - This lovely clear red young bitch appealed immensely in her gorgeous head, correct proportions from scull to foreface, beautiful eye and expression. Good length of neck with well laid back shoulders. Enough bone for size. Well developed ribcage. Very shapely hindquarters with well bent stifle. Good outline but looking a little immature compared to winners. Has free easy profile action using her hocks well. Clean through the elbow coming to me. Must have a good future

Open Bitch (11-1)

1st Young's - Ch Sonstraal Christmas Eve at Kazval JW -  This super mid wheaten bitch is breathtaking. She embodies the standard completely. The overall picture is of utmost quality and complete balance. She has a beautiful perfectly proportioned feminine head with round sparkling eye giving keen but soft expression. Long, clean neck into beautifully laid back shoulders. Super front with tight feet. Deep brisket. Well sprunged ribcage of great depth and length. Straight topline with strong loin, long sweeping quarters with good length over croup giving her great width in the upper thigh. Good bend of stifle, excellent second thigh. Exceptionally low set hocks with well defined hock joint. Presented in super condition, her muscles are clean and well defined. Elegant but substantial with strong quality bone. Her movement is free, athletic and ground covering, using her hocks and producing great drive. Exceptionally clean through shoulder and elbow coming to me with long, low daisy cutting action in forehand. A wonderful showgirl. CC and BEST IN SHOW
2nd Hewson's - Ch Rekaylahn Blaze JW SHCM - I have admired this deep red wheaten bitch from seeing her as a very promising puppy to now – a fully matured elegant bitch. Lovely head with correct expression with good length and depth to muzzle. Strong lengthy neck into a good shoulder placement. Well boned with a good front and feet. Good depth and length of rib. Broad loin. Strong muscular quarters with good bend of stifle. Easy swinging side gait covering the ground with power and freedom. Clean and accurate coming to me but very narrow going away. A worthy champion
3rd Ellis' - Bukola Buzi Zejak - Very typy clear red bitch. Won well here. Lovely head type, flat scull and no cheekiness. Good eye and expression. Good length and depth to foreface. Lengthy neck into well laid shoulders. Well boned, deep ribcage and excellent topline. Strong, well made quarters. Shorter on the leg than winners, nevertheless presented a balanced outline. Moving soundly behind going away but a little wide through elbow coming to me. Would like a little more length of stride in profile action

Veteran Bitch (9)
1st Barnes' -  Ch Diamonridge Deja Vu - Lovely 8 years old red wheaten. She had beautiful head with very expressive round, dark eye. Long elegant neck into good should placement. Straight front and deep ribcage. Straight topline, strong shapely quarters. Sound coming and going. Reasonable length of stride in profile but lost Best Veteran to the dog in profile action. In lovely condition and enjoyed showing herself off
2nd Story's - Kamband Kijakazi by KiromoL - 9 years old mid wheaten. Heavy boned substantial bitch with superb quarters. Not quite the neck and laid back of shoulders of winner, but scores in deep, capacious rib. Looking extremely fit and well. Well proportioned head of good type. Powerful ground covering action. Just a little heavy through the shoulder
3rd Craven's - Ch Hespa Hebe JW - Tall, substantial, 8 and ¾ red wheaten girl who I have given a CC to previously. Still retains her lovely outline, strong bone and deep rib, straight topline and well made quarters. Lovely head, eye and expression. Still covers the ground with free, easy action. Just lost out on drive from quarters

Mrs S. Simper



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