Judge - Ms D Kenis Pordham

The Club Championship Show was held at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh where our judge was Ms D Kenis Pordham

Best Puppy in Show - KAMILI BADU
Best Puppy Dog - NYASSA FAROUK
Best Puppy Bitch - KAMILI BADU
Best Veteran in Show - CH MIRENGO'S MUKO MAKO
Best Breeder in Breed - Mrs N RAYMOND (SOFALA)


Best in Show & Reserve Best in Show
BIS - Bruet Sing the Blues to Kasenga    &    RBIS - Shombay Shamakani of Amahle

Best Puppy in Show Best Veteran in Show
BPIS - Kamili Badu BVIS - Ch Mirengo's Muko Mako

Winnig Line Up
Winning Line Up



A most enjoyable show, at a perfect venue with an excellent layout, a very professional main steward in Mrs. Toni Agnew, friendly exhibitors and most importantly, some lovely dogs to go over and to assess. My grateful thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me


Minor Puppy Dog( 5, 3 abs)

1. and Best Puppy Dog: Campbell’s Nyassa Farouk Beautiful baby boy, most promising in all respects. Good head and neck, forehand well angulated with forechest, proper bone and feet. Not yet settled in topline, rear quarters high. Well-angulated hindquarters. Moved with style and freedom, but of course needs to firm up here, but excellent for his age.
2. Pearce and Parke’s Veldtkammer Worth Da Hassle.  Darker wheaten boy of seven months, again a very promising baby. Very nice head and expression, good neck, good front rather more forward set as compared to winner. Good bone, feet need to firm up. Well bodied up. Nicely angulated hindquarters. Not the freedom of action of the winner today.


Puppy Dog (5)

1. Raymond’s Sofala Sabo. Very well presented light wheaten dog of ten months. Coat, as in so many Reds and Wheatens, yet to clear. Youngster of proper size and well balanced overall. Very nice head, good ears, strong neck, nicely angulated forehand with proper bone for size, excellent feet.  Nice strong hindquarters. Rather long in coupling. Good and true mover, but I would like to see a more ground covering action.
2. Baille’s Isiqa’s Gretzky at Saddletor. Very strongly built light wheaten dog of ten months, well presented and handled. Strong head to fit his strong body, trust this head will fine down with age. Rather short in neck with shoulder forward set at this stage, good bone for size, feet needing to firm up as they are rather long.  Nice hindquarters. Good and free action.
3. Parrott’s Marondera Jubilant Jelani.


Junior Dog (8)

1.Gray’s Kijivu’s Karenga. Very well balanced red wheaten dog of lovely type and size, fourteen months old.  Nice head and expression, good neck, well angulated front and stands himself true here. Proper bone for size. Excellent topline, shoulder smoothly set, well angulated hindquarters.  Very easy ground covering action.
2.Piehl’s Kiromol Kubwa Mno. Very attractive light wheaten dog of sixteen months, presented very well. Very nice head, good strong neck, good over the front, proper bone and feet. Very good topline, strong over the croup and hindquarters. Tail set rather high. Powerful mover as seen from the side. Very handsome dog.  I see he is a litter brother to the winner of Yearling bitch.
3. Raymond’s Sofala Sabo


Special Yearling Dog (4)

1. Selby’s Eilack Chato. Eighteen months old dark wheaten, almost mahogany dog, a dog of lovely size and type. Pleasant head, good neck, very nicely angulated forehand, proper bone for size, somewhat upright in pasterns and would like to see more padding of the feet. Excellent firm topline, nicely defined underline, good strong hindquarters, of proper angulation.  A very promising dog, still very young looking, who should mature into an excellent hound.
2.  Dunn’s Bawabu Azima Ahadi at Tukela. Very nice red wheaten dog, very nearly two years old. Strongly built and very well balanced.  Very nice head, suiting his body.  Very good neck, very well angulated forequarters, proper bone and feet. Excellent topline, croup and hindquarters. Excellent reach in front on the move, somewhat untidy in action today coming towards me. Still needs to mature but a most interesting import.
3. Pearce’s Veldtkammer Rock Me Chick.


Novice Dog (1)

1. Selby’s Eilack Chato.


Post Graduate Dog (12,1 abs)

1. Lloyd’s Lionpride Leonado at Bomazi (NAF) Two year old red wheaten dog of excellent type and size. Standing presents an excellent outline and he is a lovely free and smooth mover. Excellent head and expression, good neck, nicely angulated forehand with some forechest, proper bone for size, excellent feet. Excellent top and underline, nicely set croup and strong hindquarters.
2. Walton Haddon’s Mwenga’s Special Brew. Two and a half year old dog, nicely presented but rather overenthusiastic on the move. Head not finished as yet, it is long but yet rather rounded over the skull. Excellent neck and front, proper bone for size, rather loose feet. Excellent topline.  Nicely angulated hindquarters. A dog of quality.
3. Maitland-Jones’ Mtwapa Roho.


Limit Dog (11)

1. and Dog CC Maidment’s  Shombay Shamakani of Amahke For me this nearly four year old dog presented the proper combination of strength, size and construction to make for an agile, steady and determined hunting dog. He is a proper size, and with just the right amount of substance, at four years nicely mature.  Rather strong in head and jaw, but kind calm expression, very well set ears. Excellent well muscled neck, well angulated forehand, proper bone and feet. Stands very clean over his firm front. Capacious body, for me just the right depth of body and the correct length of leg. Moved so well in a firm ground covering action, also very true coming and going. Proud to give him his first CC.
2. Hicks’s Nuthouse Manhattan. Cheerful two-year-old rich red wheaten dog of very nice type and outline. Good neck and front, although a bit more forward set. Excellent body and topline, somewhat shorter coupled than winner. Excellent side action, but still needs to firm up in front action.
3. Brien and Young’s Jengachga Atsama for Imtanje


Open Dog (19,  4 abs)

1. Aitken and Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm. Three year old red wheaten dog, rather tall but well balanced overall, very well conditioned and handled. Very nice head, excellent earset and expression. Good neck and forehand, proper bone for size, correct length of leg. Capacious body, very good firm topline. Hindquarters nicely angulated and strong. Moved out very well in a collected ground covering action.
2. Woodrow’s Mirengo’s Mukwela. Five year old, fully mature dog of excellent outline and type. A very workman like hound, and I say this in praise. Nice head, good strong neck, excellent forehand proper bone for size. Could have more deeply padded feet. Excellent firm topline, croup well set, strong hindquarters. Moved out very well, like the winner, in a collected and not exaggerated action.
3. Lowson’s Mwenga Hasani for Jengachenga.


Veteran Dog (8, 3 abs)

1. and Best Veteran and Res. CC Woodrow’s Ch. Mirengo’s Muko Mako. For me this is how this breed should mature, they still exhibit the steadiness and strength of character from younger days. He may not run as fast or with the reach in front, but he still shows the freedom of action and the power. Coming up to ten years, this clear light wheaten is still the most wonderfully constructed hound, his angulation fore and aft perfectly balance each other, he has just the right amount of depth of chest to still give him length of leg. Excellent topline and coupling. Lovely head and expression as well.
2. Bowlus’s Ch. Sofala Jefferson. Another wonderful veteran of most lovely type and outline. Very nice head and expression. Lovely strong neck excellent forehand, proper bone and feet. Lovely body and topline, excellent strong hindquarters, possibly not the angulation of winner. Scored on his powerful and free action. Another wonderful example of the breed.
3. Mills’s Ch. Jhumha Jarza of Nzuri


Minor Puppy Bitch (8, 2 abs)

1. and Best Puppy in Show. Smyth’s Kamili Badu. Eight month old puppy of lovely type and outline, showing such quality and finish for her age. Very nice head and expression, good neck, very nicely angulated forehand, and very true and firm for her age. Good topline, croup and hindquarters. Lovely free active mover. I note very similarly bred to the Best Puppy Dog winner.
2. Barnes’ Diamondridge Belladonna. Seven-month-old half sister, with again very nicely angulated forequarters. Excellent body and hindquarters but rather softer in topline today. Really free and powerful side action. Another most promising puppy.
3. Nelson’s Zougani Zhara


Puppy Bitch (6)

1. Smyth’s Kamili Badu, winner of previous class.
2. Raymond and Torr’s Sofala’s Spirit. Another beautiful puppy, very well finished for her age. Lovely head. Good neck, very nice forehand, more firm over the topline than winner. Excellent hindquarters. Very free and active mover. Needs to deepen in chest to finish the picture.
3. Brien and Young’s Jengachenga Bold as Brass for Imanje


Junior Bitch ( 9)

1. Smith’s Neelanjali Premier Rose at Lilongwe. Thirteen-month-old bitch of lovely type, lovely outline and so well balanced too. Lovely head and earset, excellent neck and forequarters, with forechest. Proper bone and feet. Excellent body proportions overall. Very good topline, excellent croup and hindquarters. Not a small bitch, but still feminine. Excellent free mover and the most true action in this class.
2. Dawes’ Neelanjali Arora Butterfly. Again a lovely bitch and it is no surprise that she is so similar, as I note they are litter sisters. They also have the same sire as Puppy bitch winner. Very nice head, good neck and forehand, with forechest. Excellent topline and nicely angulated hindquarters. Free active mover.
3. Maidment’s Kiromol Kokomo


Special Yearling Bitch (10, 3 abs)

1. Storey’s Kiromol Tallulah Belle. Seventeen-month-old bitch with a very nice outline. Pleasant head, very good neck and nicely angulated front, proper bone for size, good underline and topline for her age, good croup and hindquarters. Very free easy and ground covering side action.
2. McCarthy-Booth and McCarthy’s Jarhiba Ikshula Twenty-two months old bitch of very nice size and outline, more mature than the winner and topline already much more firm. Nice head, a little more stop, good strong neck, nice front, but a bit more forward set. Proper bone for size. Excellent definition of underline. Nice strong hindquarter of more medium angulation. Strong and free mover.
3. Dawes’ Neelanjali Arora Butterfly.


Novice Bitch (7, 2 abs)

1. Ensor’s Monduri Henje Shughee. Two-year-old bitch, well presented and calm in character. Nice head and expression, good neck and forequarters, which are rather forward set, proper bone for size, upright in pasterns. Excellent capacious body without being too deep, excellent topline, croup and hindquarters of more medium angulation. Moved freely and actively.
2. Dawes’ Neelanjali Arora Butterfly.
3. Webster’s Janak Jazmin.


Post Graduate Bitch ( 11, 4 abs)

1. Coyne’s Ozubi’s Maigold Three year old bitch very nicely presented and handled, dog and handler very much together. Nice head although head somewhat domed, very good strong neck, well laid back shoulder, upper arm rather upright. Proper bone for size. Excellent topline, croup and hindquarters. Very free movement, ground covering.
2. Ensor’s Monduri Henje Shughee, winner of previous class.
3. Gilfillan’s Rejan High Flyer.


Limit Bitch (14)

1. CC and Best in Show Morris’ Bruet Sing the Blues to Kasenga. So absolutely right on the day and very much how I “see” the Standard!  Firm in character and muscle, a bitch in total balance, an agile yet strongly built hunting hound, of excellent size and just enough substance. Lovely head and intelligent and attentive expression, very much at one with her owner. Nice strong neck, clean well angulated front, proper bone for size. Excellent firm topline, longish loin (for ease of turning), excellent croup and hindquarters of correct angulation. Easy smooth ground covering action. At four years of age in that lovely full early maturity. And to add to all these positives, shown in a perfect manner, free standing and at ease. I later noticed that she is by the same Dutch sire as the sire of all the promising youngsters.
2. Carlton and Smith’s Umlandla Mbatha Three year old bitch of lovely type and outline. A powerful bitch and it doesn’t help that she is in a slight false pregnancy. Nice head but rather wide over the ears, good strong neck, nicely angulated forehand, proper bone for size. Excellent definition of underline, Good firm topline, nicely set croup and good hindquarters. Wonderful powerful side action.
3. Raymond’s Sofala’s Shangiliwa. Another Adam daughter!


Open Bitch (20, 5 abs.)

1. Parker’s Zuri Adia to Azuli. Beautiful four-year-old bitch, a nicely mature and beautifully finished bitch. Very well handled to show off her qualities.  Lovely outline and type. Lovely head, good strong neck, very nicely laid shoulder and good over the front, proper bone for size. Excellent topline, croup and hindquarters. Free and powerful mover as seen from the side, a little untidy in front coming towards me, which in the final challenge counted against her. Very strongly considered for the Res. CC.
2. Nix’s CH. Nyassa Caluua at Kitoko, Lighter wheaten bitch of lovely size and outline, again well presented and shown. Nice head, but perhaps somewhat more stop, Good neck and front, a little soft in pastern, lovely body, firm topline, excellent croup and hindquarters. Another wonderful mover, free and powerful.
3. Hewson’s Ch. Rekaylahn Blaze.


Veteran Bitch (7. 2 abs)

1. and Res CC Simper’s Ch. Matabelle Moulin Rouge. Nearly nine years old, but still as lovely (almost) as when I gave her the first CC.  For a judge it is so lovely to see an old favourite again as a Veteran. Lovely size, lovely outline and a lovely example of her breed, after all a Veteran is the sum of his/her life. Truly beautiful head and expression, good neck, a well angulated front and still so clean over the front.  Proper bone for size. Excellent topline still, lovely angle to the croup, such good hindquarters. Steady, free un-exaggerated mover. Carries her years with pride.
2. Parke’s Ch. Veldtkammer Lady Done a Bunk. What a trailblazer for the breed in the Group ring this lovely bitch has been and I would say that for me she is even better than before. A bitch so in balance, with a wonderful outline. Lovely forequarters, nicely angulated, good capacious body, excellent topline, croup and hindquarters. A credit to her owner.
3. Morris’ Ch. Bruet Song of Kasenga, completed a trio of absolutely top class bitches


 Dagmar Kenis Pordham (Judge)  



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