Judge - Mrs G Burgoin (Ragstone)

The Club Championship Show was held at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh where our judge was Mrs G Burgoin

Best in Show - Ch Ngoma Uzuri of Umbari JW ShCM
Reserve Best in Show - Rejan Top Gun
Dog CC - Ch Ngoma Uzuri of Umbari JW ShCM
Reserve Dog CC - Rejan Top Gun
Bitch CC - Jimanns Jiggy Jiggy
Reserve Bitch CC - PriorparkYakini
Best Puppy in Show - Mwani Sauda
Best Puppy Dog - Ozubi's Lewis
Best Puppy Bitch - Mwani Sauda
Best Veteran in Show - Ch Bruet Song of Kasenga
Best Breeder in Breed - Mrs N Raymond (Sofala)


Ch Ngoma Uzuri of Umbari JW ShCM
BIS - Ch Ngoma Uzuri of Umbari JW ShCM


BIS - Ch Ngoma Uzuri of Umbari JW ShCM
 RBIS - Rejan Top Gun and BOS - Jimanns Jiggy Jiggy


BVIS - Ch Bruet Song of Kasenga & BPIS - Mwani Sauda



Thank you for the hospitality shown by you all at a memorable show. I really enjoyed going over such a great entry and know that at least some exhibitors went home happy but, I hope they all felt they had the same attention and decisions were very close in some of the classes. I wonder if I may be permitted a comment. I have never encountered such a high degree of baiting! I really feel strongly about this and think show training is essential. I ran show training classes for nearly 20 years and bait was banned and we really produced some very good results. It is sometimes unpleasant for a judge to be faced with a mouthful of food when trying to assess head properties – so many dogs kept their head screwed down tight that it was virtually impossible to get a good look in their eyes. Oh dear! I didn’t mean to preach. Lovely dogs. Lovely people. Lovely day.


Minor Puppy Dog(3)

1. Hawkins’s Veldtkammer Hot Shot 8 months. Pleasing head and expression and good overall make and shape
2. Campbells’s Imbali Jawara at Nyassa 9 months. Liver nose had not quite as good a topline or feet as winner
3. Parke & Pearce’s Veldtkammer Red or Dead


Puppy Dog (4 1a)

1. Jeffery’s Ozubi’s Lewis. 11 months.  Very well made with good depth of chest and decent hind angulation.  Best mover.  BPD
2. Moore & James’ OzUbi’s Jenson. 11 months.  Not the presence of winner and did not move too well behind.
3. Vobes & Webber’s Veldtkammer Roll Em Over


Junior Dog (8)

1. Mackfall’s Kelshanti Senator of Africaner. 12 months of super make and shape and accordingly went very well.  Liked his head and expression.
2. Muir’s Kiromol It’s All About Me at Kikeba.  I felt I had to penalise this lovely dog on his crowns but hated doing so as he outclassed his competitors in all other respects
3. Jeffery’s Ozubi’s Lewis 


Special Yearling Dog (1)

1. Rhodes’ Voorlooper Rude Not To of Metalrock.  Stood alone – not a lot of him and moved a bit close behind.  


Novice Dog (4)

1. Rhodes’ Janak Jago of Metalrock.  Strong 5 year old giving his young handler a hard time.  With training I’m sure this handsome dog of  such a good type could do well
2. Dillon & Ashman’s Eilack Kaan. Very dark wheaten not disgraced to stand behind such a super type
3. Nolan’s Harambee Ku-duma


Post Graduate Dog (7)

1. Welch’s Space Explorer. Big upstanding very sound boy who moved well and I preferred his head to 2nd.
2. Parrot’s Marondera Jubilant Jelani. Moved well but not as confident in stance and possibly a bit short in muzzle.
3. Maclean & Clark’s Veldtkammer Golden Balls at Callmn


Limit Dog (17 3a)

1. Reid & Meikle’s Rejan Top Gun jw.  Filled my eye as soon as I saw him and did not disappoint when moving.  So strong and sound, masculine but not coarse, super colour.  Fought hard in the final, his time will come.  Res CC and RBIS
2. Raymond’s Sofala Sabo. Very smart with quality all over, he also moved very well
3. Lynn’s Tsjakka Just Joey


Open Dog (14,  2a)

1. Webster’s Ch Ngoma Uzuri of Umbari jw sh.Cm. What a smart dog, red wheaten, super type all through.  A joy to see moving round the big ring.  CC and BIS
2. Wilcox’s Kenmilquin Dalmar at Belstone.  Lovely big boy full of character.  Feet spread let him down
3. Maidment’s Shombay Shamakani of Amanle


Veteran Dog (5, 3 a)

1. Carlton’s Ch Umhlandla Luwamba jw.  7 1/2 years easy winner on type alone, not surprised to see his title
2. Hodge’s Am / Mex Field Ch Columbia Blue Sky of Courage (imp).  Very sound but a bit plain in head
3. Maidment’s Mirengo’s Muchudi of Osebeni


Minor Puppy Bitch (7)

1. Swales’ Mwani Sauda. 8 months.  Dark masked red wheaten with super front and feet, very compact. BPB & BPIS
2. Lowson’s Veldtkammer Hot News at Jengachenga.  At 8 months a bit rangy but pleasing
3. Pearce & Parke’s Veldtkammer Hot Gossip 


Puppy Bitch (7)

1. Dunn’s Tukela Zahra.  Lovely type who went well.  Rich colour without being too dark.  Good legs and feet
2. Bate’s Gunthwaite One Cool Diamond.  Close up to winner and again good rich colour, well boned legs and feet.  Went well
3. Meredith & Evans’ Sofala Dancin Starlight of Ardchelle  


Junior Bitch (7. 3a)

1. Whitelock’s Okameeli Koshka Brodi. Strong-headed with perhaps too much wrinkle but compensated with good bone and feet and excellent ridge
2. Raymond’s Sofala Scarlett Dancer. Smart but not very confident
3. Smith’s Makibos Kilimadscharo


Special Yearling Bitch (5. 1 a)

1. Nelson’s Zougani Zhara. Not an easy class to judge all so different.  Nicely built solid bitch
2. Gilfillan’s Rejan XQuisite. Head did not please
3. Farleigh’s Kinabula Kibali Kitambi jw


Novice Bitch (5, 1a)

1. Gray’s Kijivu’s Khola. Not overbig but very well put together and neat.  Went well.  Excellent ridge
2. Ensor’s Monduri Henje Shugee of Saffronridge. Free moving bigger bitch.  Close decision
3. Meredith & Evans’ Sofala Dancin Starlight of Ardchelle


Post Graduate Bitch (17, 3a)

The 1st 5 selected from this big class had by far the best movement

1. Parson’s Priorpark Yakini. 2 1/2 year old light wheaten in great nick.  Strong but not coarse, super body, lovely head and expression, she really caught my eye and pressed so hard for the ticket but went home with the RCC
2. Brien & Young’s Jengachenga Bold As Brass For Imanje jw. 22 month red wheaten very close up on general good type and fitness
3. Dawes & Brennan’s Neelanjali Arora Butterfly


Limit Bitch (18. 1a)

1. Storey’s Kiromol Tallulah Belle jw.  My notes say “Cleo” which brings to mind an old-fashioned type (no offence), light wheaten 2 year old so soundly built and moved accordingly, not overdone in any way and really gave her all in the challenge
2. Everitt’s Lobengula Ruby Wednesday. Very smart 5 year old streamlined, great legs and feet
3. Gilfillan’s Rejan High Flyer


Open Bitch (14. 1a)

1. Harrower’s Jimanns Jiggy Jiggy. 4 year old elegant but solid on good legs and feet, adequate rear angulation, excellent mover, she really stretched out round the ring.  It wasn’t an easy win for the CC and I can quite see why she may get overlooked, but the more I looked the more I liked, she is so typical.  Hope her other tickets come soon. CC and RBOS
2. Morris’ Bruet Sing The Blues to Kasenga.  5 year old going well.  So many to like in this class
3. Hodge’s Am Ch Am Gr Ch Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely


Veteran Bitch (4)

1. Morris’ Ch Buet Song of Kasenga. Stylish 9 1/2 year old went really well with that certain panache that comes with age (or so I tell myself) B V
2. Cairn’s Rooinek Tintaglia
3. Nash’s Ch Mirengo’s Maiya with Mutoko jw sh.cm

 Judge - Mrs Gillian Burgoin  





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