Judge - Mr P Singleton

The Club Championship Show was held at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh where our judge was Mr P Singleton

Best in Show - Ch Gunthwaite Midnite Preacha JW
Reserve Best in Show - Ch Faahac Farenya JW ShCM
Dog CC - Ch Gunthwaite Midnite Preacha JW
Reserve Dog CC - Eilack Kito Kijani
Bitch CC - Ch Faahac Farenya JW ShCM
Reserve Bitch CC - Gunthwaite Midnight Babe For Abayomi
Best Puppy in Show - Mutoko's Valegro
Best Puppy Dog - Roseridge Royal Romeo (Imp) (ai)
Best Puppy Bitch - Mutoko's Valegro
Best Veteran in Show - Ch Zuri Adia To Azuli JW ShCM
Best Breeder in Breed - Mr & Mrs J & Mr D H Bates (Gunthwaite)

All photographs courtesy of Julie Bates


 BIS Ch Gunthwaite Midnite Preacha
& RBIS Ch Faahac Farenya JW ShCM

Dog CC & Reserve Dog CC
DCC Ch Gunthwaite Midnite Preacha JW
& RDCC Eilack Kito Kijani

BCC Ch Faahac Farenya JW ShCM
& RBCC Gunthwaite Midnight Babe For Abayomi

BVIS Ch Zuri Adia To Azuli JW ShCM
& BPIS Mutoko's Valegro

Best Breeders
Best Breeder - Mr & Mrs J & Mr D H Bates (Gunthwaite)



It was an honour and privilege to judge for this club at this well run show. The venue at Stoneleigh is ideal. Thanks must go to my two stewards who kept the paperwork straight and kept the ring and classes flowing, Thanks also to the exhibitors for trusting me to assess their lovely dogs. I hope it became apparent as the classes unfolded what I was looking for. My interpretation of the Standard is that of a substantial hound of rectangular appearance standing on good legs and feet. The head is distinctive as is the ridge and crowns. Movement should be free and elastic with a good front reach and enough drive from the hindquarters. I was looking for positive footfall on the away and back with natural convergence. There were no aggressive temperaments, not a growl or grumble all day. None were shy or nervous although a couple were in a contrary mood and didn’t want me to lay hands on, they eventually overcame this and were not penalised.  The overall impression was that of a breed in relatively good heart. I would think that many were over the standard height and a few, both dogs and bitches, were just too heavy and substantial for my interpretation. The most apparent fault on the day was flapping front feet, many were padding. From this entry I would presume that the correct foot is difficult to achieve. Quite a few had lovely padding and knuckling but the shape was more cat foot and was usually combined with pasterns lacking the necessary spring. There were only a few exhibits with good feet of the correct shape coupled with spring of pastern, however, none could be described as flat footed, most were acceptable. Not all crowns were symmetrical, some being slightly offset. This was penalised to a commensurate degree as were all other faults. All had ample opportunity to impress on the move in a more than adequate ring, some took that opportunity, others didn’t get their act together and so paid the price. All in all a most enjoyable, tiring and challenging day. I hope the critique is taken in the manner it is offered with some constructive criticism.


Minor Puppy Dog(0)


Puppy Dog (8)

1st Geeves’ Roseridge Royal Romeo. Houndy puppy with the best shape and outline. Very much at a young gangly stage. Can look a bit long and doesn’t always hold his topline. Slightly flat over the croup and tail set a shade high. Good bone and feet. Decent masculine head. Really good in forward reach.  BPD
2nd Pearce’s Msingi Tabula Rasa.  Good shape and outline. Has substance and elegance Good croup. Moved out well. Pasterns could be better.
3rd Jones’ Blondzprides Bossanova


Junior Dog (5)

1st Fuller’s Nyuki Spirit. Fluency on the move which results from his good construction won him the class. Good shape and outline. Reasonable shoulder, could be a tad better in upper arm. Decent feet and croup. Needs a lot more conditioning.
2nd Healey, Strickland & Camilletti’s Ozubi’s Best Mate of Voortrekker. Good shape and nice size. Very decent all through for shape and balance. Failed to make the most of himself on the move.
3rd Winkler Von Stiernhielm’s Ozubi’s Red Rum


Yearling Dog (3, 1a)

1st Ashman’s Eilack Kito Kijani. Very promising young dog of excellent shape and outline. Good balance, correct substance yet still retains a certain houndy elegance. Liked almost everything about him. Very good on the move and very well handled. Decent bone and feet. Masculine expression. The more I looked the more I liked. Well done. RDCC
2nd Selby’s Eilack Dia. Shown in very well muscled condition yet was totally uncoordinated on the move. Masculine head. Decent shoulder and upper arm. Well ribbed. Needs more training and confidence   


Novice Dog (4)

1st  Fuller’s Nyuki Spirit  As previous.
2nd Wigglesworth’s Ranginui Sterling. Enough strength and substance and not a bad shape and outline. Lacks athleticism on the move and needs to strengthen here. Went around quite well.
3rd Hurn’s Rufus on the Lawn


Post Graduate Dog (9, 2a)

1st Hanson & Inwood’s  Ilizulu Kito Star. Good size and balanced outline and shape. Could be a little cleaner in neck. Good shoulder and upper arm, decent bone and feet. proper croup and moderate stifle. Really very true on the move but could extend a shade more on the go around.
2nd Drake’s  Hespa Skypilot. Bigger dog but still has balance. Clean head. Decent for shoulder and upper arm. Good feet. A little rangier in outline. Good strength, moved out fairly well
3rd Dickinson’s  Jesamuda Sudi Sankarani


Limit Dog (11, 2a)

Difficult class to sort. Those looking good on the stack not moving as well as I had hoped.

1st Jeffrey’s Zenzele’s Chase The Ace JW. Good for shape and outline. Masculine head and expression. Nice shoulder and upper arm. Decent feet and good body. Slightly flat croup. Certainly moved out with the most positive footfall.
2nd Jones’ Marakele Vanquish. Another good outline. Head and expression not enhanced by his ears. His movement, which had strength, agility and extension, outweighed his other faults. He has decent bone and feet.
3rd Hawkins & Smith’s Veldkammer Hot Shot of Lonanza


Open Dog (11, 1a)

1st Bates’ Ch Gunthwaite Midnite Preacha JW. A really beautiful picture of quality, athleticism and balance. Masculine head and expression. Excellent size and lovely type. Totally balanced. Very positive on the move and really went well on the go around. Presented very well with very clean lines all through. Outstanding. CC & BIS
2nd Cunningham’s Ir. Ch. Jun. Ch. Walamadengie Monte Carlo CW’10 Very good balance on this dog and has enough substance. Could be cleaner through the jawline. Close up but just didn’t have the fluency on the move.
3rd Carlton’s  Umhlandia Bukekayo


Veteran Dog (3)

1st Vincent’s Ch. Umhlandia Injabulo for Jematti. Decent outline and balance. Feet and pasterns OK, decent croup. Has strength and power on the move.
2nd Crunden, Strickland & Camilletti’s Voortrekker Sinola. Slightly houndier in type than the winner. Moderate all through. Clean masculine head, decent neck ,shoulder and upper arm. Not the movement of the winner.
3rd Mansfield & Kirby’s Shingwidsi Tshepa Riva


Minor Puppy Bitch (4, 1a)

1st Pearce’s  Msingi Your Da One. Truly lovely type on this baby, she was very together on the move. Good bone and substance. Lovely balance, very clean lines all through. Not so keen on her expression at the moment, her eyes are a little almond in shape. The one I would have taken home. Loved her and will watch her future career.
2nd Kerr’s Ilizulu Eye Candy. Totally different in type. Still appealing and has plenty of virtues one of which is outstanding front reach. Needs to strengthen behind to make this balance on the move.  Decent bone and good feet. Maybe a shade flat over the croup at present.
3rd Salmon’s  Lobengula Meela


Puppy Bitch (9)

Not an easy class. Full of differing types and all at different stages of development.

1st Nash’s Mutoko’s Valegro. Tall rangy bitch with elegance and style. She is well balanced with good feet, nice croup and good backend. Moved out with freedom and style. BPIS
2nd Bates, McCarthy-Booth & McCarthy’s Gunthwaite Born To Be Wicked at Jarhiba.  Slightly heavier in type but appealed greatly. Clean balanced outline and really looks good on the go around, needs to be more positive on the away and back.
3rd Bristow’s Tambysaa’s Athena


Junior Bitch (13, 1a)

Another difficult class. The first two very similar in type and not surprising as I later found they were litter sisters.

1st Lloyd’s Faahac Royaal Fenvi Van Bomazi. Beautiful outline. Very clean all through and well balanced. Good for type, substance, croup, bone, pasterns and feet. Really needs to coordinate more positively on the move.
2nd Thompson’s Faahac Royaal Faribaa. Very similar remarks apply except that today she failed to her sister in pastern.
3rd Spratling’s Gabisa Strawberry Tart Under Unzens.


Yearling Bitch (10, 1a)

1st Thompson’s Faahac Royaal Faribaa  As previous.
2nd Woodrow’s Mirengo’s Mazari Bani. Lovely for type. Nice balance and outline. Decent shoulder but could be better in upper arm. Feet could have a little more padding. Didn’t have the strength in hind action to give her the positive movement I was looking for.
3rd Hewson & Selby’s Eilack Nehanda


Novice Bitch (3, 1a)

1st Nash’s Mutoko’s Valegro. As previous.
2nd Bull’s Kamili Closer by the Hour. Immature bitch who just was not cooperating. Has decent outline but is a fair size. Balanced angles. Needs to coordinate on the move.


Post Graduate Bitch (12, 1a)

Not an easy class. By this time the hall was becoming muggy and some were a little lethargic.

1st Hicks’ Nuthouse Never Say Never. Decent outline and fair balance. Could have a better upper arm. Feminine head and expression. This one really made the most of herself on the move. Went well around and very positive on the  away and back.
2nd Plested’s Kitoko Just Go With It at Nzawi Strong bitch, nevertheless feminine, in a slightly larger mould. Strong bone and decent feet. Good shape. Has a certain fluency of action but not quite as positive as the winner today.
3rd Lawless’ Faahac Fayela JW


Limit Bitch (16, 2a)

Tough class for all involved!

1st Davis’ Hespa Starlit Sky at Hesslewell JW ShCM.  Houndy and well balanced. She is slightly taller on the leg. Lovely balanced angles. Reasonable bone and feet. Moved out very truly and with freedom.
2nd Parker’s Trendsetter Jani for Azuli. Another good bitch with nice proportions. Very clean lines throughout. Maybe not as feminne in expression. Moved well but not the scope of the winner. Very nice bitch nevertheless.
3rd Dawes & Brennan Neelanjali Arora Butterfly


Open Bitch (15, 1a)

1st Lawless’ Ch. Faahac Farenya.JW ShCM.  Lovely type and feminine head. Good for shape and outline. Very well balanced and very easy and free on the move. Good bone, correct pasterns and feet. Good croup. Strong neck. Mother of the first two in JB. CC & RBIS
2nd Cannon & Wickstad’s Gunthwaite Midnight Babe for Abayomi. Very close up. Very strong and well made bitch. Good shoulder and upper arm. Decent pasterns and feet. Firm hindquarters. Moved out really well. Sister to BIS. RBCC
3rd Smith’s Neelanjali Premier Rose at Lilongwe


Veteran Bitch (6)

1st Parker’s Ch. Zuri Adia to Azuli JW ShCM Good type and well proportioned. Muscled up all through and this showed in her movement. A good combination of substance and elegance. BVIS.
2nd Hewson’s  Multi. Int. Ch. Rekaylahn Blaze JW ShCM.  So very typy and attractive. Today lacked in hind quarter strength to the winner.
3rd Darling’s


Best Breeder in Breed

Both entries were a delight.

1st went to the Gunthwaite Kennel who were just a tad more consistent for type.
2nd to the Faahac Kennel another good representational team.


Judge - Paul Singleton







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