Judge - Ms D Brennan (Huntingridge)

The Club Championship Show was held at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh where our judge was Ms D Brennan (Huntingridge)

Best in Show - Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That (Subject to KC confirmation)
Reserve Best in Show - Ch PL Int Ch Villagedogs Ka Makana
Dog CC - Ch PL Int Ch Villagedogs Ka Makana
Reserve Dog CC - Amahle Don't Stop Me Now
Bitch CC - Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That (Subject to KC confirmation)
Reserve Bitch CC - Gunthwaite's Cool Crazy Lady Of Vandengan
Best Puppy in Show - Gunthwaite's Cool Crazy Lady Of Vandengan
Best Puppy Dog - Kibibi In The Loop
Best Puppy Bitch - Gunthwaite's Cool Crazy Lady Of Vandengan
Best Veteran in Show - Ch Zuri Adia To Azuli JW ShCM
Best Breeder in Breed - No Entries


Golden Jubilee Year Championship Show

Photographs courtesy of Jemma McCarthy and Julie Bates

Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show
 BIS Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That (Subject to KC confirmation)
& RBIS Ch PL Int Ch Villagedogs Ka Makana

Reserve Dog CC
RDCC Amahle Don't Stop Me Now

BPIS and RBCC Gunthwaite's Cool Crazy Lady Of Vandengan
and BVIS Ch Zuri Adia To Azuli JW ShCM


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I received an invitation to judge the 2014 Championship Show for Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club back in April 2009. It was hard to believe the date finally came to fruition. What a great honour and thrill to be invited to judge such a prestigious event as the club was celebrating 50 years. I would like to sincerely thank the Committee and those members for all their conscientious efforts and the wonderful hospitality. The trophy table looked outstanding!

Thank you to all the exhibitors - what a pleasure to judge - every exhibit was presented in good clean condition and the temperaments outstanding! A quick summary of the strengths: excellent temperaments (as previously mentioned), great feet, eye colour and correct round eye- so good to find on most of the ridgebacks. Nearly every exhibit had the correct required scissor bite. Most of the exhibits had very good depth of chest however, I was disappointed that quite a few lacked forechest. I find this a common problem also in Australia. Some areas I feel that need addressing were toplines and overall balance. Unfortunately I found some exhibits appeared sound on the stack but dropped their toplines on the move or vice versa. Both classes of Veterans were outstanding. The presentation and condition of the veterans was a real credit to the owners and breeders. I found it difficult to place them as I believe each and everyone was well deserving of being No 1!

Thank you to the club for the exquisite gift presented, a wonderful momento.


Minor Puppy Dog(6 1a)

1st Webster’s Janak Zandr. Near 8 month old wheaten pup of good breed type and overall balance. Very pleasing head and expression with dark eye. Stands on good feet. When settled he display a free and easy gait covering the ground well. Good Ridge. Nice temperament.
2nd McNamee’s Carlincox Capishe. A 7.5 month old handsome red wheaten boy excellent dark eye and kind expression, very good feet. Correct Ridge with good length. Pleasing on the stack but on the move was a little high in the rear which is probably due to a growth stage. Good temperament.
3rd Millar, Lynn & Cox’s Carlincox Cooshty


Puppy Dog (9 1a)

1st Spence’s Kibibi In The Loop. Tall 10 month old with good bone. Good length of neck with a nice transition into well laid shoulders, well ribbed back. Straight legs, excellent feet. Would like a slightly stronger underjaw. Correct Ridge. Good temperament. Best Dog Puppy
2nd Walker’s Amahle Juma. Moderate dog with good bone, lovely dark eye and kind expression. Clean outline. Moderate angulation front and rear. Little soft in topline on stack but holds well on the move. Correct tailset. Ridge adequate. Lovely temperament.
3rd Grayson Wood’s Kifani’s Loki By Ino with Isiqa (Imp)


Junior Dog (12)

1st Bowlus’ Villagedogs Magnificent Madison (Imp) .Tall youngster displaying good breed type. Won this class on his movement - free flowing and sound. Good angles front and back. Well developed forechest. Strong loin, well muscled with good second thigh. Kind expression. Lovely length of neck completes his overall balance. Good ridge.
2nd Linton’s Sofala Grand Master. Good breed type, moderate livernose boy with good pigmentation and a clean outline. Pleasing head with good length of muzzle and ear set completes a handsome picture. Topline a little soft on the move but firm when standing. Good length of ribbing.
3rd Doughty’s Colkeririn Indali light Of Rubiltra


Yearling Dog (6, 1a)

1st McGoldrick’s Villagedogs Mystic Rhett Butler. A moderate dog with overall good balance. Lovely dark eye. Would like to see a little more strength in under jaw. A fluid mover with a solid topline standing and on the move. Tailset a little high. Ridge adequate.
2nd Lilly’s Mirengo’s Moroko. Light wheaten dog with a excellent dark round eye and kind expression. Held his topline well on the move. Good length of neck. Straight legs, little longer in the toes. Ridge slightly offset.
3rd Geeves’ Roseridge Royal Romoe JW (Swed. Imp)


Novice Dog (3)

1st Ensor’s Saffronridge Lord Boaz. Solid topline. Would prefer more forechest for overall balance. Well muscled hindquarters with correct angulation in the rear and well developed second thigh. Moved true fore and aft but would like to see a little more reach and drive. Good temperament.
2nd Walshe’s Saffronridge Sir Galahad. Handsome dog with a very pleasing head, lovely dark eye. good substance and overall nicely muscled. Good to see a well developed front assembly but lighter in the hindquarters for overall balance. Top line could be slightly firmer.
3rd Paton’s Kamili Change of Habit


Post Graduate Dog (5, 1a)

1st Healey, Strickland & Camilletti’s Ozubi’s Best Mate of Voortrekker. Light wheaten dog won this class on his soundness. True fore and aft. Good overall substance with correct depth of chest and firm topline. I would like a slightly larger ear to frame his head. Good temperament.
2nd Clarke’s Eilack Ushindi. A handsome red wheaten dog with excellent dark eye. I would prefer a little more length of muzzle. Excellent feet. Firm topline, well muscled hindquarters and good second thigh. Tailset slightly high. Paddling in front. On the stack cuts a nice outline.
3rd Adderley’s Tambyssa’s Ares


Limit Dog (14, 2a)

1st Walker’s Amahle Don’t Stop Me Now. Good breed type. Taller dog but well proportioned with good bone and substance. Excellent topline on the move and standing. Short coupled, firm well muscled loin. Very good feet and ridge. nice temperament. Reserve Dog CC
2nd Pearce’s Msingi Tabula Rasa JW. 2yr old moderate red wheaten dog displaying an excellent ridge. Good head with kind expression. Good depth in chest and substance. Nice transition from neck into shoulders. Moved soundly. Well muscled with good second thigh. Well presented.
3rd Ashman’s Eilack Kito Kijani JW


Open Dog (13, 2a)

1st McGoldrick’s Ch PL Int Ch Villagedogs Ka Makana. Quality elegant handsome dog of very good breed type and well proportioned. Good head and expression, dark eye. Lovely arched neck and good front and hind angulation complimented with his overall balance. well ribbed back, firm topline. covered the ground well with good reach and drive. good temperament. Overall athletic frame without exaggeration and effortless movement gave him the edge in this class. Dog CC & Reserve Best in Show
2nd Mulligan’s Zougani Zuri ShCM. Classic breed type. Beautiful handsome head with excellent head planes and kind expression. Good temperament. Nice flow of neck into shoulders. Correct depth of chest. Excellent feet. Stands four square. There is nothing exaggerated about this dog, he is sound and uses his construction well on the move.
3rd Muir’s Ch Kiromol It’s All About Me At Kikeba JW


Veteran Dog (3)

(3 beautifully presented sound veteran dogs. such a pleasure to assess)

1st Woodrow’s Mirengo’s Mukwela A sound 9.5 yr old dog, classic example of the breed and presented in excellent condition. Correct head, dark eye and an intelligent kind expression. moved out well for his age. Good depth of chest and well ribbed back, level topline correct tail set. excellent ridge.
2nd Lowson’s Ch Mwenga Hasani For Jengachenga. 8 yr old handsome dog of very good breed type. Sound overall balance with good substance. excellent front. Moved very well, covering ground easily. Excellent temperament, ridge slightly offset. Beautifully presented.
3rd Raymond’s Sofala Sarcen JW


Minor Puppy Bitch (9, 3a)

1st McGoldrick’s Villagedogs No Doubt A Diamond. A very promising 6 month old puppy of very good breed type with good bone and nicely balanced. Beautiful dark eye and expression. Firm topline when moving with correct tail carriage. Gaited well for such a youngster. Stands four square. very good temperament.
2nd Cannon & Wickstead’s Abayomi Colour Of Magic. Pretty puppy with lovely dark eye. Good length of muzzle but would prefer a little more strength in underjaw. Firm topline on the move and whilst standing. Good ridge. Another young bitch with good movement covering the ground with ease.
3rd Hurn’s Abayomi The Light Fantastic


Puppy Bitch (8, 4a)

1st Denver’s Gunthwaite Cool Crazy Lady Of Vandengan. A quality dark red wheaten bitch of very good breed type. Pleasing expression with lovely dark eye. I would like to see a fraction more depth of muzzle. This bitch won the class on her overall confirmation. Lovely arch of neck with strong topline and the good reach and drive. Correct balanced angles in fore & hind quarters. Excellent temperament. Best Bitch Puppy, Reserve Bitch CC & Best Puppy in Show
2nd Parson’s Priorparke Aphrodite. Another young bitch of good breed type. Beautiful head with correct dark round eye compliments her soft kind expression. Good overall balance with a well developed forechest and well ribbed back. Not quite as good in front movement as No 1 but sound rear movement. Good ridge. Nice temperament.
3rd Brownlee’s Diamondridge Royal Dynasty


Junior Bitch (15, 4a)

1st Campbell’s Nyassa Killer Queen. Good example of the breed, top of standard. This bitch won on her fluid sound movement. Correct angulation front and rear. Good depth of chest and length of ribbing. Firm loin and level topline. Well muscled with good second thigh. Overall a very good head, dark eye and expression compliments her overall balance.
2nd Raymond’s Sofala Goodness Gracious. Elegant bitch of good breed type. Slightly longer cast but she holds her topline well both standing and on the move. Beautiful head and expression with correct planes. Good depth of chest, strong well muscled loin. She flows beautifully from the neck into shoulders. Good ridge.
3rd Farleigh’s Kinabula Young Gifted An Red.


Yearling Bitch (7)

1st Farleigh’s Kinabula Bin There Dun That. Top quality bitch of excellent breed type. Her overall balance and correct depth of chest, prosternum and angulation front and rear captures a typical ridgeback outline. She flows from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. Presented well in good condition, correct muscling. Excellent ridge and temperament. Bitch CC & Best in Show
2nd Carlton’s Kalunda Kahluah at Umhlandla. Good breed type. Moderately angled front and rear and uses this well on the move displaying sound overall balance with strong topline. Would prefer a little more strength of underjaw. Excellent feet. pleasing temperament.
3rd Torr’s Beziliya Mireya Lion Chaser


Novice Bitch (4, 2a)

1st Carlton’s Kalunda Kahluah at Umhlandla as mentioned previously
2nd Harrower’s Jimanns Fun Lovin Criminal. Sound bitch of good breed type. Good depth of chest but a little out at elbow, equal angulation front and rear, firm topline and an excellent ridge. Very good feet. It was a shame on the day she was quite lazy which gave the impression she was pounding in front. Would have liked to see her on a good day on grass.


Post Graduate Bitch (13, 1a)

1st Farleigh’s Kinabula Whats Your Fancy. Light wheaten bitch of very good breed type, well balanced, clean outline. Beautiful head and expression. Good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Firm topline with correct tailset. Well angled hindquarters with good drive from behind. Excellent temperament. Easy ground covering gait.
2nd Wells & Brown Sofala Festive Sparkle For Tsuyol. Moderate red wheaten quality bitch displaying a very pleasing outline. Well balanced standing or moving. Good forechest and excellent feet. Beautiful head with correct proportions. Sound on the move coming and going.
3rd Carlton’s Rockridges Australias Finest at Marondera (Imp)


Limit Bitch (17, 4a)

1st Maylor’s Kamili Comes And Goes JW. Tall wheaten bitch, good substance, lovely head with dark eye. A good length of neck. Correct depth of chest well ribbed back. strong loin with a firm topline. Excellent ridge. Moved out well without effort, sound on the up and back. Good temperament.
2nd Hicks’ Nuthouse Never Say Never. Moderate bitch with sufficient forechest. Balanced angulation front and rear. Good topline. Move soundly up and back would like to see a fraction more reach. Excellent dark eye. Lacked a little strength in underjaw. Very nice temperament.
3rd Gray’s Kijivu’s Kharis.


Open Bitch (19, 5a)

1st Brennan’s Neelanjali Auora Butterfly. Moderate size bitch of good breed type. Good forechest and depth, well ribbed back. Very pleasing head and expression. excellent tight feet. Moderate angulation in fore and hindquarters which she used well on the move. Sound.
2nd Nix’s Kitoko Good Golly Miss Molly. This bitch stands four square. Exhibits a lovely side gait covering the ground with ease. Good flow of neck into shoulders. Matching angulation front and rear. Tended to drop her topline when relaxed but held it firmly on the move. Very good length of ridge.
3rd Cannon & Wickstead’s Gunthwaite Midnight Babe For Abayomi.

Veteran Bitch (12, 2a)

What an outstanding class and such a pleasure to assess these grand ladies exhibited in great condition and fine form.

1st Parker’s Ch Zuri Adia To Azuli JW. Outstanding quality bitch of very good breed type shown in excellent condition. Light on her feet, moved out with ease highlighting her soundness. Stands square. Well balanced overall with good depth of chest, well ribbed back and strong topline. Good ridge. Excellent temperament. Best Veteran in Show
2nd Lawless’ Ch Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi To Faahac ShCM (Imp). Another outstanding bitch. Very good breed type. So nice to see such a perfect example of excellent pigmentation for a livernose. Beautiful dark amber eye harmonising with the coat colour. Soundly constructed with a beautiful length of neck and good transition into strong forequarters, held together with a firm topline and corresponding hindquarters. Excellent feet. Very good temperament.
3rd Nix’s Ch Nyassa Caluua At Kitoko


Puppy Walk

1st Lowson’s Kani Akilah Encane Hasani For Jengachenga NAF TAF. Nicely put together baby for his age with a good forechest and topline flowing into a correct tail set. Eyes were weepy. Ran very well for a youngster. Sweet baby with good temperament.
2nd Brennan’s Neelanjali Maddison Belle Pretty puppy, overall nicely constructed but unfortunately going through a growth stage at the moment. Promising puppy with a lovely temperament.

Judge Dianna Brennan (Australia) (HuntingRidge Rhodesian Ridgebacks)







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