Judge - Ms O Nevo (Rich-Rach)

The Club Championship Show was held at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh where our judge was Ms O Nevo (Rich-Rach)

Best in Show - Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That
Reserve Best in Show - Ch Jockular Lord Leonti At Tsjakka JW (Imp)
Dog CC - Ch Jockular Lord Leonti At Tsjakka JW (Imp)
Reserve Dog CC - Ch Kelshanti Senator Of Africaner JW ShCM
Bitch CC - Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That
Reserve Bitch CC - Sofala Goodness Gracious
Best Puppy in Show - Bovijo Blaze Of Glory
Best Puppy Dog - Bovijo Blaze Of Glory
Best Puppy Bitch - Veldtkammer Rosetta
Best Veteran in Show - Ch Zougani Zawadi JW ShCM


Photographs courtesy of Jemma McCarthy

 BIS Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That
& RBIS Ch Jockular Lord Leonti At Tsjakka JW (Imp)

Dog CC, RDCC and BPD
DCC Ch Jockular Lord Leonti At Tsjakka JW (Imp)
RDCC Ch Kelshanti Senator Of Africaner JW ShCM
 and BPD Bovijo Blaze Of Glory

BCC Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That
RBCC Sofala Goodness Gracious
and BPB Veldtkammer Rosetta

Best Puppy and Best Veteran in Show
BPIS Bovijo Blaze Of Glory
and BVIS Ch Zougani Zawadi JW ShCM



It was a great honor and a great pleasure to judge the Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Championship Show, held at Stoneleigh Park. Everything went so well for the show: excellent organization, great venue, lovely weather and lovely atmosphere, even some traffic jams didn’t stop the exhibitors from arriving.
It was my first time at the Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh Park and for sure it is another demonstration of the strength of the British dog world. The beautiful set of the club's tables and trophies, decorated in the club's colours all made a wonderful background to the 146 (according to the catalogue) Ridgebacks.
The overall quality was quite good with many of the exhibits being very typical and correct specimens of the breed.  In many of the classes not only the winner but also some of the other placed dogs were of excellent quality.
In general there were no exaggerations – most of the dogs were well within the breed height standard (and of good weight), the body proportions (length to height) were correct, didn't see almost any dog that was too high on legs, over-angulated behind or with exaggerated colour.
Heads were, in general, very nice, masculine for the males and feminine for the females. Few dogs have a few missing teeth. Some toplines could be stronger and some croups a bit straighter. There were no over-angulated dogs, but more than a few were lacking in front or front and back angulations.
Almost all dogs showed spotless character and behaviour, even those that didn't seem to be very used to shows.  
 I would like to thank the M&NRR Club Committee for the invitation, for organizing such a great show and for the warm hospitality and last but not least – to thank my wonderful ring stewards.


Winner - Minor Puppy DogMinor Puppy Dog (3)

1st Torr’s Bovijo Blaze of Glory - the youngest of them all but the most "collected" pup, very balanced puppy for his age, good type, good proportions, lovely expression, well presented B.P.D. and B.P.I.S.
2nd Worthington’s Veldtkammer Winds Of Change At Tungattosh
– a full sized puppy, needs to learn how to move in the ring, good type, very masculine.
3rd Ellis’ Zejak Guy Rooi Van Rooyen





Winner - Puppy DogPuppy Dog (4)

1st Carlton’s Umhlandla Van Makhoba – very balanced puppy, good breed type, well developed with strong bone and medium size. Pleasing expression. Could have a bit more rear angulation.
2nd Plested’s Nzawi Kaiser Chief – puppy of maximum height, topline still needs to settle, good ribcage, lovely expression.
3rd Ensor’s Saffronridge Judah Ben Hur





Winner - Junior DogJunior Dog (11 4a)

1st Lowson’s Kani Akilah Encane Hasani For Jengachenga – a very masculine 15 month old, medium size, with a lot of power for his size, well balanced dog. Typical masculine expression. Good front angulations, good rear angulations, topline still needs to settle, good ribcage, good feet.
2nd Barnard’s Neelanjali Jackson Brown For Tsjakka – a brown (liver) nosed dog, of medium size and power. Well proportioned head with good expression. Nose and eyes could be a bit darker. Good width of chest, maximum rear angulations. Good feet.
3rd Greeves’ Hespa Hermes




Winner- Yearling DogYearling Dog (9)

1st Millar & Cox’s Carlincox Cooshty  – a dog of good size and matching substance with good body proportions. Nice head. Medium front and rear angulations that balanced. Good length of ribcage, good topline, croup a bit sloping. Good feet. Has good movement, especially from the side.
2nd Lowson’s Kani Akilah Encane Hasani For Jengachenga
3rd Barnard’s Neelanjali Jackson Brown For Tsjakka  





Novice Dog (1 1a)



Winner - Post Grad DogPost Graduate Dog (4, 1a)

1st House’s Lobengula Shine For Me – very impressive dog, excellent size and body proportions, athletic with well-developed muscles. Masculine strong head that could be a bit cleaner. Very good ribcage, topline correct but tail set a bit low. Good front and rear angulations. Feet could be better, rear legs could be a bit more stable when stacked.
2nd Spence’s Kibibi In The Loop – dog of maximum size. Head still needs to develop to the size of the body. Deep chest, good fore-chest (sternum), ribcage is still a bit narrow for the size of the dog at the moment. Excellent topline, enough front and rear angulations.
3rd Healey, Strickland & Camilletti’s Ozubi’s Best Mate of Voortrekker



Winner - Limit DogLimit Dog (14, 3a)

It was a class of quality and quantity. All 3 firsts were dogs of merits.
1st Parke’s Rottzridge The Templer For Veldtkammer –good body proportions and size, with excellent bone for the size. Very masculine head and expression. Fore-chest could be more developed, good ribcage, topline could be stronger when stacked, enough angulations, feet could be more compact. This dog's excellent movement gave him the class win.
2nd Hurn’s Ruffus On The Lawn Of Matikiridge Sh.CM – dog of maximum size, correct power and bone for the size. Masculine strong head with good expression. Good fore-chest, ribcage and topline. Could use a bit more front angulations, enough rear angulations, a bit of cat feet. Moves ok.
3rd Ashman’s Eilack Kito Kijani JW Sh.CM



Winner - Open DogOpen Dog (14, 3a)

1st Barnard’s Ch Jockular Lord Leonti At Tsjakka JW (Imp)– extremely balanced dog, of excellent size and great power. Excellent type and body proportions.  Masculine but not overdone, clean head with excellent expression. Excellent width of chest, correct long ribcage, ok topline but croup could be a bit more level. Front and rear angulations balanced, good mover coming, going and from the side. Altogether gives an image of typical Ridgeback male with correct balance of power and athletic. D.C.C. and Reserve B.I.S.
2nd Mackfall’s Ch Kelshanti Senator Of Africana
 – good type, size and body proportions.  Masculine head, good expression. Correct  chest, good ribcage, good front and rear angulations.  Topline could be a bit stronger.  Very good type. Reserve D.C.C.
3rd Davies’ Gunthwaite Son Of A Preacha JW


Winner - Veteran DogVeteran Dog (5 2a)

An excellent class, delightful to judge.  I would like to make an exception and also mention the third dog in this class, I think he deserves that.
1st Lowson’s Mwenga Hasani For Jengachenga - a very balanced and typical 9 year old dog. Excellent size and body proportions. Typical clean head with great proportions and expression. Good chest, good front angulations, maximum rear angulations (might be due to age), topline suites the age. Hare feet. Very nice movement for his age.
2nd Davis’ Ch Jaloumi I Am Legend From Hesslewell JW Sh.CM - 7 year old dog of good type and maximum size, still very much a macho. Masculine head with a bit of extra lips. Good front angulations, maximum rear angulations, good ribcage. Moves ok.
3rd Salmon’s Ch Diamondridge Bakari Of Zebrariver – very impressive 8 year old dog. Excellent breed type. Excellent head and expression. Good topline and front and back angulations. Unfortunately, limping a bit on the day.

I was very happy with my male line-up and felt there was a lot to choose from.


Winner - Minor Puppy BitchMinor Puppy Bitch (7, 2a)

1st Sage’s Veldkammer Rosetta – very lovely and balanced puppy. Feminine head with good expression.  Good front and back angulations. Topline still needs to settle. Good feet. B.P.B.
2nd Mansfield & Kirby’s Shingwidsi Tshadi Rose
– very feminine puppy. Lovely clean head and expression. Medium bone. Good length of ribcage. At the moment a bit high on her legs and topline still needs to settle.
3rd Spratling’s Unzezi Miss Jacques





Winner - Puppy BitchPuppy Bitch (6, 2a)

1st Davies’ Zenzeles She’s The One – very balanced feminine bitch, not too big with excellent bone for the size. Good body proportions. Feminine and still a bit puppyish head. Good chest and topline. Enough angulations.
2nd Parrot’s Umhlandla Umpheki At Marondera  – lovely puppy of good size and power. Good length of body. Ear set needs to settle. Good feet. At the moment tends to pace.
3rd Gleeson’s Msingi Tete A Tete With Skukuza





Winner - Junior BitchJunior Bitch (11, 3a)

A very good class, all the first 4 were young balanced, feminine, nice bitches
1st Brennan’s Neelanjali Maddison Belle – very nice and balanced bitch, with medium power and size. Very feminine head. Good ribcage, balanced front and rear angulations, topline still needs to settle. Good feet. Good movement.
2nd Bate’s Gunthwaite Peggy Sue – not too big but strong bitch with very good body proportions and good bone for the size. Eyes could be a bit darker. Good fore-chest, very good depth and length of ribcage, just enough front angulations, good rear angulations. Ok topline. Shows herself very nicely.
3rd Torr’s Gunthwaite Dolly Diva At Bovijo .




Winner - Yearling BitchYearling Bitch (6 2a)

1st Brennan’s Neelanjali Maddison Belle
2nd Cox’s Carlincox Ready To Rumble – medium size, light body, athletic bitch, with correct body proportions. Typical head and expression. Enough front and back angulations. Could have a bit more fore-chest. Topline could be a bit stronger. Good feet.
3rdDavis & Vincent’s Mirengo’s Muira For Imola





Winner - Novice BitchNovice Bitch (5, 3a)

1st Cox’s Ready To Roll – good size, bone and body proportions. Strong head, eyes could be darker and ear carriage could be better. Enough front angulations, excellent rear angulations. Elbows could be a bit tighter. Feet could be tighter. The bitch needs to learn how to present herself at shows.
2nd Furnell’s Kinabula Kinbalu – a bit light, very athletic bitch with medium bone. A bit light muzzle. Good ribcage, ok front angulations, good rear angulations. Croup a bit sloping. Feet should be stronger 





Winner - Post Grad BitchPost Graduate Bitch (12, 4a)

1st Barnes’ Diamondridge Delightful - big bitch with maximum power and good bone. Excellent body proportions. Strong head that could have been a bit more feminine. Excellent fore-chest, good front and rear angulations. Excellent ribcage. Topline could be stronger. Good movement.
2nd Harrower’s Jimmanns Fun Lovein Criminal JW – bitch of excellent size, good bone and body proportions. Feminine head that could be a bit cleaner. Good front and rear angulations. Chest could be a bit deeper and topline a bit stronger. Good length of ribcage.
3rd Farleigh’s Kinabula Young Gifted An Red




Winner - Limit BitchLimit Bitch (19, 4a)

One of the best classes in the show, with quality and quantity. All 5 placed bitches were very well deserving as were some others.
1st Raymond’s Sofala Goodness Gracious – a very well balanced bitch with great type, power and bone. Feminine head, a bit of extra lips. Excellent length of ribcage, good front and back angulations. Reasonable topline. Good feet. Excellent movement with good drive and a lot of land-coverage. Reserve B.C.C.
2nd Denver’s Gunthwaite’s Cool Crazy Lady Of Vandengan – very elegant bitch of great type. Very lovely and typical head and expression. Excellent fore-chest. Enough front angulations, good back angulations, good ribcage, good topline but tail set could be a bit higher. Good feet, good movement.
3rd  Parsons’ Priorpark Aphrodite JW



Winner - Open BitchOpen Bitch (16, 3a)

Another class of quality and quantity. All first 3 were bitches of merit.
1st Farleigh’s Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That  – exceptionally high-quality and typical Ridgeback. Very balanced bitch, strong but still feminine and athletic. Excellent head and expression. Enough fore-chest and front angulations. Good rear angulations. Good ribcage with great length. OK topline. Good feet. Fluent movement. B.C.C. and B.I.S.
2nd Thompson & Taylor’s CH Kelshanti Jamila Urbi
����� an athletic bitch of good size and balance. Strong head with a bit of extra lips.   Good ribcage and topline. Enough front angulations, good back angulations.
3rd Davis’ Ch Hespa Starlit Sky At Hesslewell



Winner - Veteran BitchVeteran Bitch (5)

What an excellent class. All 5 veteran bitches were in excellent condition and of excellent breed type, each of them is a compliment to her breeder and her owner.
1st Darling’s Zougani Zawadi Sh.CM – a 10 and half year old bitch of excellent breed type, and condition. Maximum size, excellent body proportions and bone. Feminine head with great expression.  Excellent angulations (maximum rear angulations might be due to age) excellent ribcage. Topline is excellent and not only for her age. Good feet, excellent movement. B.V.I.S.
2nd Parker’s Ch Zuri Adia To Azuli Sh.CM – 9 years old bitch, very athletic and in good condition. Very feminine head and lovely expression. Could have a bit more front angulations, maximum back angulations. Very deep chest, topline could be a bit stronger, good feet, moves well for her age.
3rd Thompson & Taylor’s  Kelshanti Penda Zula


As with males also with females I was very happy with both my lineups, felt there was a lot to choose from and that also some others in the classes could do very well.







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