OPEN SHOW  25th March 2006
 Judge - Mr P Broadbent

The Club Open Show was held at "My Pet Stop" in Manchester where our judge was Mr P Broadbent.

Best In Show - Eilack Roya of Clarismore
Reserve Best In Show was - Saragwe Hodari Jambaro
Best Puppy In Show - Rekaylahn Phoenix


Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Open Show - 25.03.06

An absolute pleasure to Judge “my” Club Show. As is the norm, type is variable, colour varies more in this era than I think it ever did, standard is light wheaten to red wheaten, perhaps the red should be re-defined, some are so dark, the colouration made no difference to my choices. Ridges made no real contribution to my choices either, albeit some ridges were short, many lacked clearly defined crowns - what has happened? Also where have the “broadsword” ridges gone to? One could argue that colour and ridges are secondary to
construction and movement along with type, yes one could, but the total package of our breed should have all the above in one dog. I make no argument with rear quarters, an absolute essential is correct turn of stifle, powerful first and second thighs, strong hocks, some dogs lacked this essential, and caused
somewhat stilted rear movement, which did not allow a free and easy gait. Temperament, I expect the dog to be planted for assessment and not to move, show no dissent and accept my hands for a few seconds. I do not ask them to like it but they should be taught to accept it. A good number were shy, not good enough.
One offered argument after I had assessed, the handler is aware it needs attention. The majority were fine to handle. Some dogs were not prepared to put any effort in when moving; we need to move all day on strong bone and strong feet – some would have struggled.
A pleasing array of youngsters, some good quality older ones, and veterans, the most difficult classes. This preamble reads a little negative perhaps, it is not meant to, lots of plusses, in body shape, excellent heads, good strong bone, mostly tight deep pads to feet, many looking as if they could work the lion and enjoy themselves. Exhibitors thank you.


MPD: 1st Hill’s Hyndridge Ndulu Shaaboni, mid/wh, untrained, nicely shaped baby, head good size and shape, mouth correct, nicely put together angulation, tight feet, erratic movement.

PD: 1st Hewson and Worthy’s Rekaylahn Phoenix, r/wh, soundly built allowing free movement, pleasing head with good ear carriage, correct mouth. Best Puppy Dog – Best Puppy in Show
2nd Roe’s Kenilquin Lynx, l/wh, nicely shaped, well constructed, could not assess m ovement, handler needs to work hard.

JD: 1st Swales’ Mwani Bakari, r/wh, sound thru, expressive head and expression, framed in well Shaped ears. Correct angles allowing free movement on tight strong feet.
2nd Roberts’ Isiqa’s Flint, l/wh, a sound dog with an appealing, well worked head, good rear allowing an almost leisurely gait – cut the nails.
3rd Kirby and Mansfield’s Shingwidsi Tshepa Riva. M/wh, lots to like with nice shaped head, body shape good but a touch lightweight, moved well.

ND: as previous classes

GD: 1st Goodman’s Ngami Leabua of Eilack, r/wh, lovely head, eye shape and colour but lacks in rear angulation and length of back which restrict good movement.

PGD: 1st Williamson’s Nkulu Tambo, wh, heavy bones, the first of the “older” type today, but no worse for that. Pleasing well shaped head, powerful body, moved with some drive, correct rise over loin.
2nd Macauley’s Kairaba Kaylahn, liver nose, lightweight, moved ok, pretty rather than masculine, not much drive but well angled, no rise over loin.
3rd Ollerhead’s Godolphins Blazing Sun, well shaped body, strong head, not the rear angles of 1st, therefore not the movement.

LD: 1st, Carlton’s Umhlandla Luwamba JW, mid size wheaten whose body shape and good angulation allowed free, easy movement. Nicely done head, correctly laid ears, nothing flashy,
2nd Brooke’s Eilack Kito Marcus, rw (dark) a dog I have liked, and still do, excellent body, deep chest, lovely head, could just with a touch in length, albeit the correct stand would help.

OD: 1st Firth’s Ch Hespa Halali Otavi JW, r/wh (dark),top body shape, excellent condition, super head, excellent feet, did not drive out and flapped a touch at pasterns Reserve Best Dog.
2nd Frase-Watson’s Kenmilfore Pride and Honour, l/wh, tall dog nicely headed which a touch more width to skull would have helped. Good body shape and condition, has not got the right rear angle which caused a
somewhat stilted movement.

VD: 1st Brownlee’s Saragwe Hodari Jambaro, eight and a half years l/wh, tall rangy dog but all put together well, powerful head and attractive. My second “older” type today, muscular body, strong topline, correct rise over loin, powerful quarters, feet still good. Arguably the best mover of the day, certainly at a slower gait would still move on the hunt all day. Best Dog.
2nd, Grayson Wood’s Isiqas Ijsa, l/wh, nine years, looked his age but moved younger, very true coming and going and in profile, correct angles..
3rd Henshall’s Sansilver Khwebha, seven years, r/w true conformation, moved well, ears flying detracted somewhat.


MPB: 1st Hough’s Dalasini Zuri l/wh, nicely put together, first time out, moved well considering. Might do ok. Best Puppy Bitch
2nd Parrott’s Umhlandla Ngcwele l/wh, much as above applies, will it do as well as first, time will tell

PB: 1st Baird’s Nurisha Denique Coelum m/wh much as MPB class but slightly different in head and expression, true movment.

JB: 1st Bates’ Tiasti Too Good To Be True at Gunthwaite m/wh, stood looked a picture, albeit would like a better stifle, excellent head and expression, tight feet, moved ok, body shape augurs well.
2nd Wilder’s Mwani Etanakita, r/wh lovely head and eyes, needs to fill in front, sound legs and feet, bright crowns, moved well.
3rd Dunn’s Godolphins One Cool Cat at Khananga, pleasing head, lighter boned and bodied. Excellent feet, nicely shaped quarters, did not move as needed.

NB: 1st Jones’ Skypinda Guardian Angel, all colours of wheaten at the moment having suffered an allergy, nice overall, moved good on tight feet.
2nd Kirby and Mansfield’s Shingwidsi Tshelana Riva a better overall dog than winner, work at it.

GB: 1st Lawless’ Hayawani Kamambra Rangi to Faahac (Imp), dark liver nose. A little over big for my preference, but in context sound through, moved cleanly but lazily on good tight feet. Nice turn of stifle, strong hocks, crowns were poorly defined.
2nd McCarthy-Booth’s Jarhiba Makena, r/wh, right size many things on this one to like, looked as if she had been upset, nicely headed, moved well – considering, good angulation. Another with bright crowns.
3rd Parrott’s Umhlandla Egolideni, liver nose, lots of good points; head, neck, topline, super soft eye, not happy at back end, moved very well.

PGB: 1st Best Bitch and Best of Breed Selby’s Eilack Roya of Clarismore m/wh, she had mostly what I wanted, correct feminine head, nice bright eye giving genuine expression, strong neck and topline to correct
rise over loin thence into strong quarters, front assembly matching for back to show true driving, free movement on strong firm feet. Well laid and sloping shoulders. Pushing three years and full maturity, should go on to win at the top.
2nd Reserve Best Bitch Baird’s Timberely Lass at Nurisha, smaller pattern of winner, has had a litter and underline not returned properly, but for all that I could not deny her, many points of winner apply.
3rd Henshall’s Suhuba Kanzi, similar type, but taller somewhat tentative which was shown on the move, as well as when being handled, worth working hard on.

LB: 1st Hewson’s Rekaklahn Blaze JW, Shcm, r/wh (dark), another at the point of full maturity, its titles tell you it’s won before, I think it should now go that step further. She met everything I would ask for today, but
just did not drive enough in the Challenge, has all the good points in the Standard.
2nd, Adderley’s Kylini Ijspy, l/wh probably my “closest” type, she looks older than her three and a half years. She moved absolutely true on good tight feet, long ridge and sweetest expression.
3rd Lawless’ Faahac S;Fiyaa JW, m/wh slightly heavy in body which did not help her top line or movement.

OB: 1st Carlton’s Flametrees Zuki at Umhlandia r/wh superb mover on tight feet. Good angulation as you would expect with this movement. Her head is not her fortune.
2nd Grayson Wood’s Isiqa’s Fliss r/wh bigger pattern bitch, loveliest of heads and expression, lots of other points very good. Would have won but for the poor feet and pasterns, without this problem would win in the best company.
3rd Webster’s Ch Janak Sula, l/wh looking somewhat matronly, has had a sabbatical which did not help. Sweet head and expression, correctly constructed, moved without drive.

VB: Rimmer’s Rockshani Rio at Kylini, m/wh, almost eight years, lovely head, strong neck and topline, correct rise over loin, moved quite well on good legs and feet.
2nd Agnew’s Janak Xamax of Mwenga JW, almost eight, smaller bitch, lovely sweet, well shaped head of the “older” type, a touch matronly, moved true and with some drive.
3rd Macauley’s Kairaiba Kaira, l/wh, excellent body shapes, nicely shaped head, good strong feet, did notmove as freely as 1 and 2.

Peter A Broadbent


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