OPEN SHOW  24th March 2007
Judge - Mrs Sue Pollock-Yule

The Club Open Show was held at "My Pet Stop" in Leeds where our judge was Mrs Sue Pollock-Yule.

Best In Show - Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi to Faahac ShCM (Imp Swe)
Reserve Best In Show was - Jhumha Jarza of Nzuri
Best Puppy In Show - Hespa Hoguera


BIS Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi to Faahac SHCM (Imp Sweden)
BIS Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi to Faahac SHCM (Imp Sweden)


BIS and RBIS Open 2007
BIS Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi to Faahac ShCM (Imp Swe)
RBIS Jhumha Jarza of Nzuri


BPIS Open 2007
BPIS Hespa Hoguera

For Photographs of More Class Winners Click Here


I enjoyed judging this well laid out venue, would like to thank my 2 helpful stewards. On the whole crowns and ridges were good though a few were somewhat indistinct and some feet were very thin and open. However there was quality in depth as demonstrated in the 1st class.

BIS was Lawless's Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi to Faahac; Best Dog and Res BIS was Mills's Jhumha Jarza of Nzuri and Best Puppy was Craven's Hespa Hoguera.

Minor Puppy Dog (5)

1 Tearne & Regan's - FAAHAC FUMBA AAN N’GAI - 7mths quality puppy, very good head and expression, good front with well filled fore chest. Correct topline with excellent depth and spring of rib. Strong quarters with drive and the best front movement here. Close up for BP - just lost out on maturity. B.P.D.
2 Rhodes’s - JANAK JAGO - Baby of 6 months but very well balanced. Nicely put together and typey with attractive head and expression. Moved freely.
3 Brookes’s - EILACK MARKITO MAXIMUS - Big dark red, very well boned, all male. Exc. head and neck, deep chest and well muscled. Will need more time due to his size as he just need to let down behind but very impressive.


Puppy Dog (6)

1 Sweeney's - HESPA HALCON - Strong well boned dog, masculine head, and nice dark eye. Well filled chest and muscled all through. Super quarters and best movement of the class. Keeps his topline moving but at times stood a touch bum high.
2 Wheeler's - MWENGA CHISULO - Clean outline, shapely but needs to develop in fore chest to anchor his elbows in front movement. Level topline, good croup & tail set. Nice bend of stifle and strong quarters giving plenty of drive.
3 Clavin & Perkins’s - MWENGA MAALI - Litter brother to 2nd and they will change places often. Slightly more depth of chest but needs to tighten in elbow. Well bodied with good topline and quarters. Two smart puppies.


Junior Dog (3)

1 Bailey's - MONDURA UN BEAU LION - Lovely type, attractive head and expression. Good stance and flowing outline. Level topline with good overall balance. Feet a little shallow. Good quarters and angulation.
2 Spratling's - ILIZULU MOONLIGHT SHADOW - Just out of Puppy and he is very well constructed all through. Nice expression though could have more strength of under jaw. Didn’t make the most of himself here or he could have pushed 1st harder. Excellent profile when moving and looked much better on the move.
3 Southall & Clare's - LUCIANDRA BAKARI - Well bodied wheaten, a natural showman. Good head though rather round in eye. Well bodied with well filled fore chest and nice sprung ribcage. Needs more angulation fore and aft. Muscular quarters and moved smartly.


Novice Dog (4)

1 Torr's - NYASSA AZA - Strongly built well boned 4 yr old with masculine head, good neck and topline. Well filled chest, firm topline and well muscled loin. Small crowns and long nails spoilt his feet. Good quarters and moved freely, very nice type. Happy relaxed temperament, just paddled coming to me.


Graduate Dog (2)

1 Hewson & Worthy's - REKAYLAHN PHOENIX - Very nicely made all through. Good head and neck well laid shoulder flowing smoothly into topline and well moulded croup. Flat open feet let him down in the challenge. Good well angulated quarters and moved well.


Post Graduate Dog (2)

1 Torr's - NYASSA AZA


Limit Dog (8)

1 Swales's - MWANI BAKARI - Tall handsome dog, just 2yrs and maturing nicely. Excellent neck and shoulder placement. Well ribbed back with muscular loin, broad croup and qtrs. Feet could be tighter but has good bone & moved well. R.B.D.
2 Dickson's - WALMADENGIE CHIEFTAIN - Lovely picture standing, really takes the eye. Rather high tail carriage spoils the outline on the move and didn’t seem to show himself as best he could. Lovely body and condition.
3 Torr's - NYASSA AZA


Open Dog (5)

1. Mills's - JHUMHA JARZA of NZURI - Strong upstanding dog, masculine head, dark eye, clean muscular neck and well laid shoulder. Excellent front, well ribbed back, muscular loin and broad 2nd thigh. Firm topline, terrific quarters and moved so well ‘both ways’. Best Dog & R.B.I.S.
2. Smith's - EVERGRACES MAGIC MAESTRO at LILONGWE - Lovely head and neck with deep well sprung ribs, not the elbow placement of 1st but strong topline and quarters. Shapely with good balance and moved out freely.
3. Clavin & Perkin's - HESPA GANYMODE - Good head and neck, firm topline and croup. Well bodied through, could have more angulation in forehand. Moved well on tight feet and at one with his handler.


Veteran Dog (2)

1. Schofield's - CH. OUSEBAY MUNGO’S MAGIC -Lovely head with good flow of neck into withers, level topline with good length of rib. Well bent stifle. Moved very easily.
2. Mackfall's - CH. HESPA HIGHLANDER – Strongly muscled dog, good head with alert expression and using his ears. Nicely arched neck with good reach. Good body and bone and moved with drive. 2 super dogs.


Minor Puppy Bitch (7)

Some promising babes at various stages.
1. Sale's - FAAHAC FAUZIYA AAN N’GAI - Handler needs to slow down and shorten the lead until she learns this isn’t playtime, but she could not be denied her placing. Plainer in expression at present than her litter sister but so well constructed & sound in movement. Very promising.
2. Watson's - FAAHAC FALEENA AAN N’GAI - Thought my winner but didn’t put all in. Lovely type and expression and as soundly made as her sister. Flowing outline, good body and moved well on tight feet.
3. Craigie's - IMBALI MOYA - Lovely wheaten with attractive head and kind dark eye. Strong topline and quarters. Needs more angulation fore and aft, which would give more reach in movement. However moved soundly.


Puppy Bitch (11)

This was a lovely class with depth of quality
1. Craven's - HESPA HOGUERA - Lovely type, excellent head and muzzle, held herself well. Neat ears and alert expression, neck runs smoothly into shoulder at withers. Good fore chest and firm topline with well angulated quarters and best movement here. B.P.I.S.
2. Green's - THOKOZANI CINDERELLA BELLE - Close up, not the showmanship of winner but little to fault. Lovely expression, shapely outline and so well proportioned all through. Good body and quarters, moved freely.
3. Smith's - LILONGWE LILLY MAE - Well muscled bitch. Attractive head, clean neck, strong topline and croup. Well ribbed, not the extension of above in front movement, but went truly on tight feet.


Junior Bitch (7)

1. Hanson & Dunn's - ILIZULU MAGICAL MOONLIGHT - Won on her overall shape and balance, lovely type. Good head and neck, well ribbed up, tight elbows well placed under body. Muscular 2nd thigh, excellent ridge and crowns, tight feet and sound movement.
2. Reid & Meikle's - ILIZULU PRECIOUS MOONLIGHT - Another 2 litter sisters jostling for 1st place. Similar make and shape though not the strength of muzzle of the 1st. Correct topline, well laid shoulder, excellent quarters, scopey, moved freely.
3. Shaw's - GUNTHWAITE AMAALA - Not a lot separated these 3 and could change places another day. A little straight in forehand, good topline and hind angulation, moved well.


Novice Bitch (6)

1. Bowden & Quinn's - VELDTKAMMER DIVA - 4th in very hot puppy class. A touch large in ear but has such a happy outgoing expression, bright as a button and deserved to win here. Soundly made all through and moved accordingly. Should do well.
2. Gates’s - EAGLERIDGE CHELSEA GIRL - Wheaten of good type. Plainer expression with dark kind eye, good body with well filled chest. Well muscled all through and moved well.
3. Champion's - JUNO BROWN - Smaller, more compact bitch, settled better here. Straight front, level topline, well muscled loin and strong quarters. Moved freely.


Graduate Bitch (4)

1. Parrot's - UMHLANDLA NGCWELE - Medium sized and well balanced. A touch plain in expression but well proportioned head. Good front and depth of chest, good topline with strong quarters. Moved out best here especially in profile.
2. Davis & Warren's - IMOLA IMANI - Thought her my winner at first. Big strong bitch, head of good length and strength of jaw. Well sprung rib, good topline and quarters, not the feet of winner and poked her head out on the move spoiling her outline. A pity as she is very typey and sound coming and going.


Post Graduate Bitch (4)

1. Bates's - BURNCOTE ANNISHIRANI - Lovely flowing outline, feminine head excellent lay of shoulder. Plenty of substance without coarseness. Calm dignified demeanour excellent feet and movement. Sympathetically handled.
2. Dunn's - GODOLPHINS ONECOOLCAT at KHANANGA - Very nice type in excellent coat and condition. Would like more strength of muzzle, but nicely made all through. Level topline, firm loin, showed and moved well.
3. Henshall's - SUHUMA KANZI - Lacked a little in overall condition and was somewhat apprehensive. A pity as she was basically of good type and sound construction and could have gone higher, liked her just need a little ‘pep’.


Limit Bitch (7)

1. Lawless's - HAYAWANI KAMAMBAA RANGI to FAAHAC (Imp. Sweden) - The star of the show and beat some very good bitches to go best. In superb condition, beautifully sculpted muscles, flowing outline. Well shaped nape, clean arched neck and withers. Excellent body and width of quarters she covered the ground with minimum effort. B.I.S. & Best Liver Nose.
2. Craven's - HESPA SUNSET SKY - Dark wheaten of excellent type and construction, well laid shoulder, level topline, good length to height ratio, strong quarters, well boned with tight feet. In hard condition and moved very soundly from any angle.
3. Agnew's - CAINEABELS RED XCLUSIVE for MWENGE (Imp. Sweden) - Good solid bitch. Good neck and depth of chest, would like more lay of shoulder. Firm topline, well muscled loin, broad croup and 2nd thigh and moved with drive.


Open Bitch (8)

1. Hewson's - CH. REKAYLAHN BLAZE - Quality dark red bitch strong but feminine head and dark eye. Clean neck and well laid shoulder, flowing smoothly into level topline, well muscled loin and spring of rib. Good elbow placement and bend of stifle, sound easy movement.
2. Carlton's - UMHLANDLA UTHEKWENI - Wheaten with lovely expression. Cobbier make but nicely constructed with depth and width all through. Good croup and tail set, well proportioned and moved freely but could have more width of hock.
3. Hanson's - MWENGA MYSTICAL MOONLIGHT at ILSULU - Very nice type and close up. Elbows could be more under body but has good depth and spring of rib. Firm topline, well muscled quarters and held her outline on the move.


Veteran Bitch (7)

1. Rimmer's - ROCKSHAM RIO at KYLINI - Beautiful older lady who oozes class. Tall and elegant, lovely head and eye, excellent body and quarters. Amazingly well muscled despite her age. Very shapely and soundly constructed and moved accordingly. A real star. R.B.B.
2. Carlton's - FLAMETREES ZULI at UMHLANDLA - Good typey sort, nice head and expression not as good in shoulder as winner but is well balanced overall with good hind angulation and springy movement.
3. Green's - SHEEMAR ATTACTION - Nicely chiselled head, dark eye, good length of neck, broad back with deep chest and firm outline. Moved OK.


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