Open Show 12th October 2008 (In aid of the Rescue Fund)

We would like to thank everyone for their support and kind donations which raised over £700 for the Rescue Fund.

The show was held at Polesworth Memorial Hall and our judges were Mr A L Edwards for the dogs and Mrs A Harrower for the bitches.


Best In Show - Ch/Int/Bel/Ir Ch Rekaylahn Blaze JW ShCM
Reserve Best in Show - Gunthwaite Diamond Lil JW
Best Opposite Sex - Ch Ngoma Uzuri of Umbari JW ShCM
Best Puppy In Show - Kiromel Kaylo


Judges' Critiques

Dogs - Mr A L Edwards

Minor Puppy Dog (5, 1a)

1st Nuttall’s - MONDURI JELANI BOI KYANI. Nice young male, showing lots of promise, good topline, masculine head, good feet, moved well.
2nd Carlton’s - UMHLANDLA BUKEKAYO. Liver nosed, correct colour of eye, masculine head, strong front, good feet, showing lots of promise.
3rd Siddorne’s - EILACK GARAI GAMBA. Nice young male, six months of age, good front, good feet, showing lots of promise.

Puppy Dog (5, 1a)

1st Austin & Houghton’s - KIROMEL KAYLO. Excellent young male, masculine head set, good angles front and rear, correct tail set, good strong feet, strong topline, would like a darker eye, moved very well, went on to win Best Puppy in Show.
3rd Siddorne’s EILACK GARAI GAMBA.

Junior Dog (2)

1st Smith’s - OUSEBAY MIDWINTER GOLD. Overall picture of this exhibit was good, however he was a little unsettled on the day, showed potential
2nd Gauld-Crighton’s - JARHIBA HENNIES HERO. Similar to winner of this class but again unsettled, needs more ring craft, could do better

Novice Dog (4, 2a)

1st Gauld-Crighton’s - JARHIBA HENNIES HERO. In this class this exhibit moved well, however still needs further ring craft.
2nd Torr’s - NYASSA AZA. 6 year old male, good front, adequate topline, didn’t show very well on the day.

Graduate Dog (4, 2a)

1st Austin & Houghton’s - KIROMEL KHRONOS. Nice young male, good outline, slightly soft topline, nice tight feet, good rear angulation, masculine head, moved well, went on to win Reserve Best Dog.
2nd Wentink’s TSJAKKA JUST JOEY. Another nice young male, needs to mature, good topline / rear angulation, nice masculine expression

Post Graduate Dog (2)

1st Mills’ - JANAK JARON BY NZURI. Good head set, nice front, excellent topline, good front angulation needs more on the rear, nice dark eye, would like tighter feet, very nice type, moved well.
2nd Torr’s - NYASSA AZA.

Limit Dog (6, 1a)

1st Kirby & Mansfield’s - SHINGWIDSI TSHEPA RIVA. Maturing male, nice headpiece, strong topline, good front, good angles front and rear, moved well.
2nd Vincent’s - UMLANDLA INJABULUO FOR JEMATTI. Pleasing male, good front, good topline, nice masculine head, would like more angulation on rear.
3rd Storey’s - KAIDAALA ODYSEUSS BY KIROMOL. Nice young male, masculine head, good angulation front and rear, would like stronger topline.

Open Dog – (5, 3a)

1st Webster’s - CH NGOMA UZURI OF UMBARI. Quality male dog with good angulation front and rear, excellent layback of shoulder, strong feet, correct tail set, moved exceptionally well, went on to win Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex.
2nd Smith’s - CH EVERGRACES MAGIC MAESTRO AT LILONGWE. Large male, nice masculine head, strong feet, adequate topline with good front and rear angulation, also moved very well.

Veteran Dog – (4, 1a)

1st Mills’ - CH JHUMHA JARZA OF NZURI. 9 year old male, still showing lots of quality, good topline and front, good angulation front and rear, moved very well, went on to win Best Veteran in Show
2nd Henshall’s - SANSILVER KHWEBHA. 9 year old, good angulation front and rear, still showing lots of quality, nice head set.
3rd Grayson Wood’s - ISIQUA’S IJSA. 11 year old male, still enjoying the show ring, moved well for his age.


Bitches - Mrs A Harrower

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Midland & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club for inviting me to judge their Open Show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, and was delighted with the amount raised for Rescue.

Minor Puppy Bitch - (5)

1st Cunningham's - Walamadengie Chanterelle. Well balanced puppy, pleasing head & eye, good reach of neck & length of upper arm. Well laid shoulder, firm topline and strong quarters, moved soundly.
2nd Lawless' - Faahac Farenya. Liked this puppy a lot, possesses a lovely outline, head & eye, good topline and depth of chest, good quarters. Slightly unsettled on the move, hence the placing today.
3rd Sales' - Lionpride Limited Edition.

Puppy Bitch - 6

1st Tuttle's - Hespa Hullanta. Lovely balanced puppy, clean head & neck, good lay of shoulder and length in upper arm, good topline, settled well on the move, Best Puppy Bitch.
2nd Wigglesworth's - Nomuula Namaqua At Ranginui. Another nice puppy, well balanced, good lay of shoulder & depth of chest, lovely tight feet, moved well.
3rd Broadsmith's - Chainama Holly Of Adamber.

Junior Bitch - (3)

1st Bates' - Gunthwaite Diamond Lil JW. Lovely balanced bitch, clean outline, nice head & expression, great reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good topline, bone & feet. Well let down at the hock, nice overall length, moved out well. Reserve Best In Show.
2nd Carlton's - Umhlandla Mbatha. Heavier made all-over than 1, good head & expression, nice depth of chest, bone & feet, moved out well.
3rd Ellis' - Xena Cradle Of Hope At Satnall.

Novice Bitch - (4, 1a)

1st Sales' - Lionpride Limited Edition. Just a baby with time on her side. Good head & eye, clean neck and shoulder, good overall length, very sound on the move & moved out well, would just like more of her.
2nd Ellis' - Xena Cradle Of Hope At Satnall. Another nice bitch, good shoulder, topline & quarters, good bone & feet, moved freely.
3rd Torr's - Sheemar Maha.

Graduate Bitch – (6, 3a)

1st McCarthy-Booth & McCarthy's - Jarhiba Hope And Glory. Rangy bitch with clean lines, good head, eye and expression, nice lay of shoulder and length of upper arm, held her topline on the move.
2nd Story's - Kiromol Khaos. Nice type, would like a more feminine head, but more than made up for that in movement. Fair neck & good lay of shoulder, level topline, well let down in the hocks, good angulation & tail-set
3rd White's - Umhlandla Imhlonipho.

Post Graduate Bitch – (5)

1st Doughty’s - Rubiltra Chizarira. Light wheaten bitch with lots to like about her, good head & expression, clean neck & good depth of chest, standing on very good feet, nice angulation behind.
2nd McCarthy-Booth & McCarthy's - Jarhiba Hope And Glory.
3rd Broadsmith's - Chainama Glory Of Safikana.

Limit Bitch – (11, 3a)

1st Kirby & Mansfield’s - Shingwidsi Tshelana Riva. Nice bitch of fair length, good reach of neck & lay of shoulder, level topline and strength over loin, sound easy movement.
2nd Agnew & Cullen's - Caineabels Red Xclusive For Mwenga ShCM (Imp Swe) Another good bitch from a strong class, very pleasing head & expression, good reach of neck & depth of chest, good bone & feet, held her topline on the move, and moved well
3rd Craven's - Hespa Hoguera JW

Open Bitch -(9, 5a)

1st Hewson's - Ch /Int/Bel/Ir Ch Rekaylahn Blaze JW ShCM, So much to like about this balanced bitch, lovely head with a feminine expression, good crest of neck into well laid shoulders, with good length and return of upper arm, well angulated hind quarters and well let down at the hock, flowing movement Best In Show.
2nd Story's - Kiromol Kinuka, Another good bitch from this consistent kennel, stronger in head than 1, good reach and length of neck, onto well laid back shoulders, good length in upper arm, strong throughout quarters, well let down hocks, great movement.
3rd Cunningham's - Walamadengie Eternal Angel.

Veteran Bitch – (5, 1a)

1st Story's - Ir Ch Kiromol Kianga, Lovely oldie with lots to like about her, pleasing head & expression, good neck & shoulder and overall length, well angulated through rear, again beautiful moving bitch.
2nd Cairns' - Rooinek Tintaglia, Another pleasing oldie in a strong class, nice balanced bitch, good depth of chest, length & bone, just lost out to 1 on movement.
3rd Rimmer's - Rocksham Rio At Kylini.



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