OPEN SHOW  Sunday 21st March 2010
Judge - Ms Carol Ann Carlton

The Club Open Show was held at "Mypetstop" Tingley where our judge was Ms Carol Ann Carlton

Best In Show - Burncote Bushman JW
Reserve Best In Show - Africaner Storm
Best Puppy In Show - Africandream Uptown Girl
Best Veteran in Show -  Ousebay Inca's Gold

All photographs courtesy of Jemma McCarthy


Burncote Bushman 
BIS  Burncote Bushman JW

Africaner Storm 
RBIS  Africaner Storm

Africandream Uptown Girl 
BPIS Africandream Uptown Girl

Ousbay Inca's Gold 
BVIS Ousbay Inca's Gold 


It was a privilege to judge this breed open show and I wish to thank the Committee for their invitation and hard work on the day, making the show such a success. 

Minor Puppy Dog (5 entered, 0 absent)

1st LOWSON’s JENGACHENGA BY DESIGN liver nose dog with correct light eye and proportionate head, good reach of neck into well angulated forequarters; tight feet and good bone for such a youngster. Pleasing ridge and he moved well, promising young dog. BEST PUPPY DOG.
2nd CHERRIE’s JENGACHENGA BRILLIANT BOY good dark eye, would benefit from a more defined stop, good infill of chest and adequate angulation.


Puppy Dog (2, 0)

1st DILLON & ASHMAN’s EILACK KAAN red wheaten dog with dark eyes matching his black nose, smaller made throughout, but he moved correctly coming and going, good ridge and happy tail!
2nd KEMP’s JALOUMI CHEEKY CHARLIE handsome dog, larger type, good feet but front movement not as true as winner, lovely ridge and he was handled well.


Junior Dog (2, 0)

1st SELBY’s EILACK CHATO red wheaten dog with very proportionate head, lightly boned but well balanced angulation and he moved well.
2nd IRELAND’s BLONDZPRIDE THUNDERBOOM light wheaten dog of smaller build, very typical head & expression, good bone & ridge, bend of stifle & well let down hocks, unfortunately he crabbed on the move, but handled sympathetically.


Novice Dog (0 entered)


Graduate Dog (1,0)

1st CYPRIEN’s JOCEBEC JELANI ELITE tall, upstanding dog with good length of muzzle and level planes to skull into clean neck, set on good shoulder and tight feet. Good ribbing & ridge; he held his top line on the move, which was effortless around the ring, coming and going was true. Would like a little more drive from the hindquarters! RESERVE BEST DOG.


Post Graduate Dog (2,0)

1st LLYOYD’s LIONPRIDE LEONADO 2yr old masculine dog of correct size, correct ridge and good angulation which gave him his better movement, would like a cleaner neck.
2nd ROBERTS’ ISIQA’S HAANSI red wheaten dog with good head and kind expression from his dark eyes, lighter bone than 1 but in excellent condition with good muscle tone, unfortunately he didn’t move true coming and going.


Limit Dog (6, 2)

1st BATES’ BURNCOTE BUSHMAN JW, 18mth old dog with dark eye and kind expression, good bone and ridge. Bodied up well for a youngster with a good top line, balanced, angulation and tight feet. He moved out well, just corners before his handler! However, he moved when it mattered and was therefore awarded BEST DOG and BEST IN SHOW.
2nd DAVIS’ JALOUMI I AM LEGEND FROM HESSLEWELL JW dark red dog in lovely condition, moved well and has a very happy tail!


Open Dog (5, 3)

1st SPRATLING’s ILIZULU MOONLIGHT SHADOW UNDER UNZEZI 4yr old mature dog with kind expression, would like more underjaw, has a good infill of chest and deep brisket, good ridge and balanced angulation, he moved well in profile.
2nd LOWSON’s MWENGA HASANI FOR JENGACHENGA smaller dog of good proportions, just didn’t move as well as 1.


Veteran Dog (1, 1)


Minor Puppy Bitch (6, 0)

This class was full of sweet young puppy bitches, but unfortunately there were 2 overshot jaws among them.

1st DUNN’s ABAAKOKO KHANANGA red wheaten with very pretty head, lovely coat and good bone into correct feet. Balanced front and rear angulation; she moved well for such a youngster. She has a quality about her and she stood out in the class.
2nd BRIEN & YOUNG’s JENGACHENGA BOLD AS BRASS FOR IMANJE shorter, more substantial bitch with good bone and feet, excellent ribbing and correct hocks.


Puppy Bitch (4, 1)

1st HAWTHORNE’s AFRICANDREAM UPTOWN GIRL pretty light wheaten with parallel plains to skull and good round eye, long neck into rangy body, good balanced front and rear angulation, lovely ridge and topline into correct hocks, giving her free and active movement. BEST PUPPY BITCH and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.
2nd CAIRNS’ RUBILTRA NYAHONDE TO ROOINEK light wheaten bitch with dark muzzle and kind expression, strong neck into beautiful shoulder and good bone. Good feet and underline, but would like more turn of stifle to match her forequarters.


Junior Bitch (6, 1)

2nd GLEESON’s VELDKAMMER ROCK ON CHICK red wheaten bitch with good round eye, well bodied for her 14 months, excellent feet, moved well. She would benefit from a little more return of upper arm.


Novice Bitch (4, 2)

1st SCHOFIELD’s JANAK JAZZ IT UP AT OUSEBAY very elegant bitch with pretty head, round eye and dark mask, straight forelimbs, well balanced angulation giving her free and active movement. RESERVE BEST BITCH.
2nd ELLIS’ XENA CRADLE OF HOPE AT SATNALL light wheaten bitch with very typical head, well laid shoulder, deep brisket and shorter coupled than 1, well muscled hindquarters.


Graduate Bitch (5, 0)

1st SALES’ LIONPRIDE GRAND EDITION OF MAASAI small red bitch, proportionate throughout, typical head with alert expression, balanced angulation and she moved with purpose, real huntress!
2nd JONES’ ROZELRIDGE’S SHARIKA mature bitch in fit condition, med height, good length of back and moved well.


Post Graduate Bitch (3, 1)

1st MAYLOR’s KAMILI ASABI 2 year old bitch of large but good proportions, lovely expression, excellent shoulder and deep brisket, soft pasterns but good tight feet, moved true coming and going.
2nd DICKINSON’s JESAMUDA SOUMAYA preferred her pretty head, typey but correct size, good stifle & hocks.


Limit Bitch (3, 2)

1st HANSON’s MWENGA MYSTICAL MOONLIGHT AT ILIZULU 6 year old in very good condition, lovely head and good earset, good neck into deep chest and brisket, very best ridge here today, but didn’t move quite as well coming & going as she did in profile.


Open Bitch (5, 1)

1st MACKFALL’s AFRICANER STORM red wheaten with pretty head and good proportions, balanced and not exaggerated in any way, moved true coming and going, just didn’t keep moving in the challenge. BEST BITCH and RESERVE BEST IN SHOW.
2nd CAIRNS’ ROOINEK RANI light wheaten and lighter in bone, clean neck into good topline and correct hocks. Moved freely.


Veteran Bitch  (3, 1)

Two lovely 9 yr olds ladies in this class - both have same sire!

1st SCHOFIELD’s OUSBAY INCA’S GOLD liver nose with correct amber eye, elegant in outline, excellent shoulder and hind angulation to match, making her movement free and active.
2nd CAIRNS’ ROOINEK TINTAGLIA light wheaten bitch with dark eye matching her black nose, good length of neck, wider chest than 1 with deep brisket, excellent ridge.


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