Open Show 26th November 2011 (In aid of the Rescue Fund)

Raffle TableWe had a very successful Rescue Show which has raised to date the amazing amount of £1305 (with more to come).

Thanks to all who gave so generously with donations both on the day and with their entries, and to everyone who supported the raffles; the beautiful cake given by the Bates Family, the magnificent hamper presented by the Storeys and the generous £50 offered by the Hewsons. There was a lively auction for a 2 day break at the Hotel Rudyard, donated by the Lloyds, who also gave the day’s refreshments free of charge.

What a record year for rescue a BIG THANK YOU to all our supporters and friends not forgetting John and Cheryl Mackfall for the Funday, Kerry Rhodes for organising the Amber Metalrock Relay, together with those who walked all those miles, and all who give regularly by Direct Debit.

The show was held at Chesterton Community Centre, Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme where our judges were Ms D Garrett (Dogs) and Ms S Parker (Bitches)


Best In Show - Ch Faahac Farenya JW ShCM
Reserve Best in Show - Ozubi’s Lewis
Best Puppy In Show - Jenzele’s Chase the Ace
Best Veteran in Show - Caineabels Red Xclusive for Mwenga

Best Dog - Ozubi’s Lewis
Reserve Best Dog - Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW
Best Puppy Dog - Jenzele’s Chase the Ace

Best Bitch - Ch Faahac Farenya JW ShCM
Reserve Best Bitch - Ch/Am Gr Ch Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely
Best Puppy Bitch - Marakele Ascari


Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show
Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show
Best Veteran in Show and Best Puppy in Show
Best Veteran in Show and Best Puppy in Show
Dog Line Up
Dog Line Up
Bitch Line Up
Bitch Line Up

Judges' Critiques

Dogs - Ms D Garrett

I would like to say what a lovely day I had and what a wonderful hardworking committee you have with the majority of owners dong their bit with the stalls etc. The raffle must have a special mention too. I found the temperaments of all the hound – without exception – to be much improved I found only one bad mouth but sadly a lot of straight fronts having said that I was pleased with my winning hounds and my co-judge and I agreed on the principle winners.

MPD (2,0)

1st and Best Puppy in Show Ms E L Jeffery. Jenzele’s Chase The Ace This 8 month old baby was well proportioned and well balance for his age lovely head neck and shoulders lovely depth of Brisket for his age needs to settle on the move but at this age I would not worry.
2nd Mrs A Wigglesworth. Ranginui Sterling. Another nice puppy just preferred the front and overall balance of one

PD (5,3)

1st Mr D & K Bailey. Marakele Enzo 10 month old Slightly upright in shoulder has good depth of brisket moved steadily.
2nd Mrs J McCarthy-Booth & Miss J McCarthy. Jarhiba Kato. I really liked this youngster confirmation wise, he has a lovely head nice length of neck good shoulders neat feet with excellent depth of Brisket. He just would not co-operate with his handler when moving.

JD (3,1)

1st Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show. Mr M & Mrs A Jeffery. Ozubi’s Lewis A lovely hound great ring presence and so well balanced he took my eye when he came into the ring and did not disappoint me when I went over him. Flat skull that was the correct width well carried ears strong jaw lovely length of neck that flowed into good shoulders deep chest with powerful loin’s well muscled hind quarters that he used around the ring will watch this youngster with interest.
2nd Miss A Reeves Kangela Kyalami.  Similar type but just preferred the overall of 1 this boy also had a pleasing head with good eye shape and correct ears strong neck and good shoulders deep chest moved free.
3rd Mr D & K Bailey. Marakele Enzo

ND (3,2)

1st Mrs J McCarthy-Booth & Miss J McCarthy. Jarhiba Kato.

GD (4,1)

1st Mr & Mrs Jeffery. Ozubi’s Lewis
2nd Mr & Mrs M J Tuttle. Tutridge Tenacious.
A balanced hound that has a lovely typical head strong neck with good shoulders nice depth of brisket preferred the hind quarters of 1
3rd Mrs K Rhodes. Voorlooper Rude Not To of Metalrock. Lovely dog that was smaller in size he has a good masculine head and lovely neck and shoulders great depth of Brisket he moved a little close behind.

PGD (2,0)

1st M Dillon & N Ashmann. Eilack Kaan. This dog had a lovely outline good neck and shoulders lovely compact feet good depth of chest with the correct arch over his loin moderate bend of stifle with well let down hocks.
2nd Mrs K Rhodes. Janak Jago of Metarock I preferred the head of this dog to 1 being masculine without being course lovely front assembly and topline adequate bend of stifle preferred feet on 1.

LD (3,1)

1st Mr D S Young & Ms A Young Jengachenga Atsama for Imanje. Slightly longer cast hound but still well balanced lovely head with well defined stop good ears, front assembly good but would have liked a slightly longer neck deep well sprung chest with strong loins nice well arched toes moved well.
2nd Miss K Lynn. Tsjakka Just Joey. What nice temperaments both of these dogs have. Another nice hound and much of the comments made of 1 apply to 2 he is a well balanced hound with overall good confirmation he just moved slightly wide today.  

OD (3,2)

1st and Reserve Best Dog. Mrs L Piehl. Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW. Handsome hound that stood alone nicely balanced with a good head that was masculine but not course in any way strong neck leading into sloping shoulders correct depth of Brisket nice hind quarters and lovely feet he moved freely around the ring.

VD (2,1)

1st Miss C Torr. Nyassa Aza. What a pleasure to go over this grand old Gentleman of 10 years he still has a lovely head that is typical of this breed he really enjoyed his time in the ring


Bitches - Ms S Parker

I was delighted to judge at this well run show, the atmosphere was lovely & over £900 was raised for less fortunate Ridgebacks. I had a super entry with some lovely quality dogs, many thanks to the committee for allowing me this opportunity & to my co-judge Denise Garratt

MPB (2,1)

1st. Pegg’s – Malifort Morowa. Pretty girl of almost 8 months, nice head & dark eye, pleasing forehand, good bone & substance, good body shape, well put together hindquarters. She was full of mischief & was messing around moving a little wide in front, she moved out well in profile.  

PB (9,4)

1st. Dolphin’s – Marakele Ascari. Well made baby of 10 months, nice head & expression, good neck & shoulder, good body & hindquarters. She needs to strengthen in topline a little, but has a lovely body shape. Moved out well in profile, but is a little close behind at the present time. BPB.
2nd. Ollerhead’s – Marakele Tamora. Very close up to one & I now see they are litter sisters. Lovely head & expression, good forehand, lovely body shape & good hindquarters. She just needs to tighten up all round to complete the picture.
3rd. Torr’s – Ballyriver Honour. 

JB (2,1)

1st. Bates’ – Gunthwaite One Cool Diamond. Stunning young girl of 13 months, super head &  expression with expressive dark eye, excellent front & feet, super body shape & condition, strong topline into very well made hindquarters. Moved so well out & back &  in profile, she pushed hard for top honours – a real quality girl.
2nd. Swales’ – Mwani Sauda. Nice shaped girl, pleasing head & expression with good dark eye. Nice forehand & topline, good bone & feet, she moved out well.
3rd. Lowson’s – Veldtkammer Hot News at Jengachenga. 

NB (6,6)

GB (7,3)

1st. Kirby & Mansfield’s – Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk. Super head & expression, good bone & substance, tight feet, good forehand, lovely body shape, well make & muscled hindquarters. She is a lovely type bitch, who moves so well in profile & is very good behind. She just turns her front leg, which I’m afraid, cost her any higher placing.
2nd. Davis’ - Veldtkammer Reddy for This at Hesslewell. Balanced girl, good straight front & neat feet, good topline & body condition. Lacks a little in head for my liking, but she has a good eye. Moved well round the ring.
3rd. Wigglesworth’s – Nomuula Namaqua at Ranginui. 

PGB (4,2)

1st. Maylor’s – Kamili Busara. Well built quality girl, super head, eye & expression, excellent forehand, good bone & feet. Good spring of rib, strong loin & topline & well made hindquarters. She is so sound out & back & moves with a good footfall in profile. A very nice girl.
2nd. Veldtkammer Reddy for This at Hesslewell. 

LB (10,4)

1st. Brien & Young’s – Jengachenga Bold As Brass for Imanje. Lovely make & shape, pleasing head & expression, with an expressive dark eye. Good shoulder, front & feet. Good body condition & well muscled hindquarters, lovely coat & condition. She moved soundly with good reach in profile.
2nd. Ratcliff’s – Godolphins Catchthecat. Good body shape, for me her head is not her fortune, lovely front, good bone & feet, good depth of chest, firm body, excellent topline & hindquarters allowing her to move well.
3rd. Gilfillan’s – Rejan High Flyer. 

OB (9,3)

1st. Lawless’ – Ch.Faahac Farenya. I have judged this young lady before as a baby & was delighted to be able to assess her now in her full glory. Stunning girl with a beautiful head & expression, super neck & shoulder into well boned front & neat feet. Good depth of chest & spring of rib, firm topline with strong loin, good tailset & well made & muscled hindquarters. Excellent coat & condition she moved as soundly as you would expect from her conformation. A lovely example of the breed, a very worthy BB & I was delighted my co-judge agreed that she was exceptional enough to take BIS.
2nd. Hodge’s – Ch/Am Gr Ch. Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely. Super bitch all round, good head & eye, lovely forehand, excellent body lines & clean hindquarters with good musculature. Shown in gleaming coat & condition she moved soundly & with style, pushing the winner all the way. A very worthy RBB.
3rd. Tuttle’s – Hespa Hullanta at Tutridge.

VB (4,2)

A very difficult class with 2 lovely ladies.

1st. Agnew & Cullen’s – Caineables Red Xclusive for Mwenga. The baby of the class at only 7 years of age, pretty girl with a pleasing head & expression, super body shape, excellent forehand, good hindquarters & solid topline. She moved so soundly out & back & had good free movement.
2nd. Storey’s – Kiromol Kizazi. This wonderful old girl of 11 years has a super head & expression, with a dark expressive eye. Lovely forehand, good body & hindquarters & she is such a showgirl moved out smartly & with style enjoying her day in the limelight.




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