OPEN SHOW  Sunday 17th April 2011
Judge - Mr B Dyson

The Club Open Show was held at "Mypetstop" Tingley where our judge was Mr B Dyson

Best In Show - Voorlooper Rude Not To
Reserve Best In Show - Godolphins Catchthecat
Best Puppy In Show - Gunthwaite One Cool Diamond
Best Veteran in Show -  Caneabels Red Xclusive For Mwenga
Reserve Best Dog - Burncote Bushman JW
Best Puppy Dog - Tutridge Tenacous
Reserve Best Bitch - Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk
Best Puppy Bitch - Gunthwaite One Cool Diamond

All photographs courtesy of Jemma McCarthy


Best in Show & reseve Best in Show
BIS  Voorlooper Rude Not To
& RBIS Godolphins Catchthecat

Best Puppy & Best Veteran in Show
BPIS Gunthwaite One Cool Diamond
& BVIS Caneabels Red Xclusive For Mwenga

Dog Line Up
Dog Line

Bitch Line
Bitch Line 


Minor Puppy Dog 1

1st Dickinson’s - Jesamunda Sudi Sankarini.  Handsome youngster with good head and ear set, well boned with good feet and depth of chest.  Moved well


Puppy Dog 2

1st Tuttle’s - Tutridge Tenacious.  Lovely outline and well balanced, nice head and expression, well laid shoulders, nicely ribbed, true topline, strong action on the move.  B. P. D
2nd Mackfall’s - Kelshanti Senator of Africaner.
Good head, strong neck, nice topline, strong in quarters, very promising, moved OK


Junior Dog 0


Novice Dog 2

1st Rhode’s - Voorlooper Rude Not To. Fell for this one as soon as he entered the ring.  Just needs a little more size, but everything else as it should be, best mover of the day, true both ways, handled to get the best out of him.  Will watch with interest.  Well done. B. D. and B. I. S.
2nd Ashman and Dillon’s - Eilack Kaan.
  Pleasing dog, good head and expression, long neck on well placed shoulders, well ribbed, nice turn of stifle, true front, moved very well


Graduate Dog 3

1st Rhode’s - Voorlooper Rude Not To
2nd Rhode’s - Janak Jago.  Nice head with masculine head, good depth of chest, topline and return of stifle.  Young handler did his best but with other attractions difficult to judge
3rd Welch’s - Space Explorer.  Correct size dog, good neck and topline, good feet, nicely ribbed, sound mover


Post Graduate Dog 1

1st Rhode’s - Janak Jago


Limit Dog 3 (2a)

1st Selby’s - Eilack Chato.  Good front assembly with neck flowing into well placed shoulders, nicely ribbed, good topline, strong hindquarters, liked his outline, moved well


Open Dog 5 (1a)

1st Bate’s - Burncote Bushman JW.  Lovely head and expression, reachy neck flowing into well placed shoulders, excellent front assembly with good feet, super outline, moved with drive.  R. B. D
2nd Spratling’s - Ilizula Moonlight Shadow Under Unzezi.  Super type in good condition, nice head and eye with length of muzzle, strong neck deep chest, well ribbed, moved well
3rd Vincent’s - Umhlandla Injabulo For Jematti.  Pleasing dog with good head, clean neck, true front, well placed shoulders, nicely ribbed, strong quarters.


Veteran Dog 2 (1a)

1st Torr’s - Nyassa Aza.  Nine years old and still looking good, true front and rear, well ribbed, nice topline, strong action.


Minor Puppy Bitch 4 (2a)

1st Bate’s - Gunthwaite One Cool Diamond. Very promising youngster, lovely head with sweet expression, very good front assembly with neck flowing into well placed shoulders, well ribbed, nice topline, moved very true.  B. P. B. and B. P. I. S.
2nd Gleeson’s - Veldtkammer Jog On.
  Super type, feminine head and appealing expression, lovely front and feet, nice shoulders and return of stifle, moved true both ways.


Puppy Bitch (1a)


Junior Bitch 4 (1a)

1st Kirby and Mansfield’s - Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk.  Excellent youngster, looks a picture standing, very good front assembly, beautiful neck flowing into well placed shoulders, well ribbed and good topline, strong movement.  Just needs to body up a little to complete the picture R. B. B.
2nd Maylor’s - Kamili Busara.
  Well bodied, good front, head, neck and shoulders, well ribbed, level topline, sound mover
3rd Coates and Condor’s - Wothersome Diamond Doris. Good front, well boned, nice clean lines, strong quarters, powerful bitch job to handle.


Novice Bitch 5 (2a)

1st Maylor’s - Kamili Busara
2nd Coates and Condor’s - Laftone Bliss.  Nicely balanced with good bone, holds topline on the move, good turn of stifle, tight feet, moved OK
3rd Coates and Condor’s - Wothersome Diamond Doris


Graduate Bitch 4

1st Cairns’ - Rubiltra Nyahonde To Rooinek. Good head, eyes and ears, lovely neck flowing into well placed shoulders, very good body shape, strong quarters, deep chest, moved with drive.
2nd Schofield’s - Jank Jazzitup At Ousebay.  Nice type pleasing expression, good head and shoulders, straight front, tight elbows, deep chest, nice turn of stifle, moved with drive.
3rd Coates and Condor’s - Laftone Bliss


Post Graduate Bitch 4 (1a)

1st Walshe’s - Monduri Kasula Kasindra. Feminine bitch of lovely type, good head and expression, elegent neck, strong hindquarters, nice topline, moved with drive
2nd McCarthy-Booth and McCarthy’s - Jarhiba Ikshula. Well made bitch, strong nice head set into good neck, well ribbed, strong quarters, move well.
3rd Gleeson’s - Veldtkammer Rock On Chick. Nicely balanced with good bone and feet, sound on the move and held topline at all times.


Limit Bitch 6 (1a)

1st Ratcliff’s - Godolphins Catchthecat Lovely bitch, feminine head, dark eye, good front and shoulder placement, neat feet, well muscled and in excellent condition, strong quarters, very sound movement. B. B. and R. B. I. S
2nd Cannon and Wickstead’s - Abayomi Always And Forever.
  Good head and neck, lovely outline, true front end and strong hind action, moved very well
3rd Selby’s - Eilack Solo.  Nice bitch with elegant lines, good front assembly, best of neck and shoulders, sound quarters, free mover.


Open Bitch 7 (3a)

1st Lawless’ - Ch Faahac Farenya JW SHcM.  Quality bitch, well balanced throughout, good head and ear set, straight front, tight elbows and good feet, nice return of stifle, sound mover
2nd Craven’s - Hespa Heloise JW SHcM  Well balanced bitch, lovely true front assembly, tight elbows, good hind quarters, nice ribbing and topline, stylish mover
3rd Tuttle’s - Hespa Hullanta At Tutridge.  Lovely head and expression, elegant neck, good shoulders, well ribbed, strong topline, moved very true both ways.


Veteran Bitch 4 (1a)

1st Agnew and Cullen’s - Caineabels Red Xclusive For Mwenga  SHcM (Imp).  Lovely bitch in excellent condition, good head and neck, well boned, deep chest, true topline, strong hindquarters, moved very well at 7 years.  B. V.
2nd Cairns’ - Rooinek Tintaglia.  Nearly 10 years old and still looking good, a lot to like about her, moved well.
3rd Schofield’s - Ousebay Inca’s Gold.  Another 10 year old, still looks good, nice front, and chest, moved OK



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