OPEN SHOW  Sunday 22nd April 2012
Judge - Mrs Rusty Grayson (Embeau)

The Club Open Show was held at "Mypetstop" Tingley where our judge was Mrs Rusty Grayson

Best In Show - Kelshanti Senator of Africana JW SHCM
Reserve Best In Show - Faahac Fayela
Best Puppy In Show - Gunthwaite Midnite Preacher
Best Veteran in Show -  Rooinek Tintaglia

Best Dog - Kelshanti Senator of Africana JW SHCM
Reserve Best Dog - Gunthwaite Midnite Preacher
Best Puppy Dog - Gunthwaite Midnite Preacher
Best Bitch - Faahac Fayela
Reserve Best Bitch - Veldtkammer Moet Chandon
Best Puppy Bitch - Hespa Starlit Sky at Hesslewell

All photographs courtesy of Jemma McCarthy


BIS  Kelshanti Senator of Africana JW SHCM
& RBIS Faahac Fayela

BPIS Gunthwaite Midnite Preacher
& BVIS Rooinek Tintaglia

Dog Line Up 
Dog Line up

Bitch Line Up 
Bitch Line Up


It was an honour and a pleasure to judge at the M & N R/R club Open Show. I thank my excellent stewards and you the exhibitors for entering your lovely hounds.

Minor Puppy Dog 2

1st Denver's - Vandengans Mr  Perfect  Very much a baby, even so all male. Masculine all through. Clean dry head,  good flat skull, nice eye  well placed ears. Well filled front brisket deep. Well ribbed. Strong clean bone, strong pastern, excellent knuckled feet.  Moved nice and steady for one so young.
2nd Miles's Jaloumi Causin Havoc. Not as mature as 1st.Smaller in type at the moment. He has a pleasing head and eye shape. Clean in neck good shoulder and body shape. His movement was puppyish and loose, but feel sure he will come together.


Puppy Dog 3

1st  Res B.D. & B.P.I.S.  Bates' - Gunthwaite Midnite Preacha. A well schooled youngster in beautiful condition, well muscled throughout. Excellent dry head, clean cheeked flat broad skull, well placed ears. Clean strong arched neck ran into good shoulders, good return of upper arm.  Ridge correct, excellent body, top line held stacked and moving. Powerful rear, wide thighs. He moved well carrying tail correct, just slightly loose in front, which should tighten with age. Lovely puppy.
2nd Lynn's - Jockular Lord Leonti at Tsjakka  An other lovely youngster, not as far on as 1st.Pleased in head. Strong straight front. Good body shape, filled in front good ribbing. Muscled rear nicely angulated. Moved well, although a little soft in top line.
3rd Drake's - Hespa Skypilot.


Junior Dog 4.2a

1st Jones' - Marakele Vanquish. Looked a picture stacked. Male head darkest of eyes, neat ear. Clean strong neck ran into good shoulders, strong top line and loin, muscled rear good thighs, good pastern and feet. He drove well in his rear movement  and went round well but untidy and loose in front.
2nd Lynn's - Jockular Lord Leonti at Tsjakka


Novice Dog 2.1a

1st Jones' - Marakele Vanquish.


Graduate Dog 3.1a

1st Jones' - Marakele Vanquish.
2nd Rhodes' - Voorlooper Rude Not To Of Metalrock. Smaller type bone not as dense. He has a pleasing head with a good eye, flat skull nice ear shape and set. Shoulders O.k., upright in upper arm so not much reach when he moves. Ribbing good, strong over loin good over crop and tail set. He is a little short in second thigh thus moves close behind


Post Graduate Dog 4

1st Jeffrey's - Ozubi's Lewis. Loved this male’s head .Clean dry tight lips, filled muzzled, clean cheeked, flat skull, correct ears. Strong arched neck into good shoulders, well filled front, deep brisket, ribs well back. Round strong rump long second thigh. Moved out well .Very nice type. His time will come.
2nd  Whiteside's - Morlingcourt Perfect Rouge. Very nice outline, pleasing head, good pasterns and knuckled feet. Good body and condition. An honest type, I would just like a little more angulation front and rear. Moved really well in profile, tended to high step in rear action.
3rd Dillon's - Eilack Kaan.


Limit Dog 7

1st  B.D.   B.I.S. Mackfall's - Kelshanti Senator of Africaner J.W.SH.CM. This was his day. He was on form in excellent condition, working well with his handler. Lovely bred type. Masculine, strong without exaggeration. Beautiful head strong jaw, lips could be tighter, correct eye, flat clean cheeks, good skull, well placed ears. Good length of neck which is strong arched and free from throatiness, runs into well laid shoulders and upper arm. His ribs are deep well back. Brisket deep giving him a true front. Excellent pastern and feet. Powerful rear quarters, which he uses on the move. His movement could not be faulted, holding his top line at all times. A pleasure to judge him.
2nd Van Baaden's -  Shayela Kimoni Ngwani Ravira. A very pleasing type (true bred type). Excellent head balance, muzzle to skull, tight lips strong jaw. Nice fill to front. Strong top line and loin, correct rear angles. Long developed muscles, well let down to hock. Moved out well, drove of well, just a little soft in his front pasterns.
3rd Lloyd’s - Lionpride Leonado at Bomazi.


Open Dog 6.1a

1st  Pearce's - Veldtkammer Worth Da Hassle.   Dark Wheaten, Pleased in head  eye and jaw. He is balanced front to rear which makes his movement very  sound, in profile and up and down. He was definitely best mover in the class. He was in good condition, but looked a little heavy through his body.
2nd Tuttle's - Tutridge Tenacious. Really liked this boy, very pleasing head piece, long clean neck, good shoulder. Strong bone, pasterns, deep padded feet. Deep brisket long ribs. Angulated rear. Moved well, just tended to lose his top line in profile and on the stack.
3rd Whiteside's - Morlingcourt Perect Rogue


Veteran Dog 2

1st Torr's - Nyassa Aza. Two lovely old gents. He is still in good form, a little soft  in pastern but moved round the ring very positive..His rear is good as is his front.10years old.
2nd Holbrook's - Ir. Ch. Ngami Celeborn.10 yrs old. Lovely pleasant chap.  Taller type. Nice head ,long and strong. Still had a bounce in his step.


Minor Puppy Bitch 5

What an interesting class think 1st time for most and they were out to enjoy..Nothing wrong with that.
1st Tuttle's - Vedtkammer New Wave at Tutridge. Very nice shaped baby. Sweet head nice length to neck, good through shoulder and upper arm, correct bone for age, good pastern and feet. Nice rear, rump and croup. Was soft on the move but moved very steady and positive.
2nd Miles' - Jaloumi up to Mischief.   What a sweetie, pleasing head, clean neck ran into well placed shoulders. Good ribbing for age, Angled rear quarters, nice rump. Moved very neat when settled.
3rd Carlton's - Umhlandla Mpelesi Kamakoti.


Puppy Bitch 5

1st Res B.P. Davis' - Hespa Starlit Sky at Hesslewell Lovely bred type. Feminine head well proportioned, dark round eye, neat lips good jaw line. Pleasing bone, feet and pasterns. Deep brisket, ribs well back, strong over rump, well let down to hock, long 2nd  thigh. Best top line of class. Moved sound and positive just a little loose in front.
2nd Cannon's - Gunthwaite Midnight Babe for Abayomi. Darker in colour. Lovely dry head, dark eye. Well angulated front and matching rear. Deep long rib, filled in front elbows tight in. Moved really well, just a little bum high at the moment. Sure will do well.
3rd Parrott's - Rockridges Finest at Marondera.


Junior Bitch 7.1a

1st  B.B.   Res.B.i.S.  Lawless's  - Faahac  Fayela.  Strong B. yet still very feminine, work like B. She pleases through her head, which is well balanced head to skull, skull is broad and flat, ears lay flat against clean cheeks. Her neck is moderate in length, arched and strong. Her shoulders are good with return of upper arm. Strong back and top line. Deep ribs of good length. Strong rear quarters with long muscles. Her movement is very steady, if not at times a little lazy, which cost her B.I.S. Overall a very honest bitch.
2nd  Davis' - Hespa Starlight Sky at Hesslewell.
3rd  Pearce's - Veldtkammer Hot Gossip.


Novice Bitch 4.1a

1st Kerr's - Ranginui Hester. Moderate girl still has time. Head very feminine good eye. Top line held on stack and move. Her rear is adequate. Her shoulder could be better and upper arm longer, consequently her front is narrow. Moved well in profile.
2nd Carlton's - Umhandla`s Mpelesi Kamakoti. Very raw baby, rather worried needs time. Of good bone for age. Good rear angles. Moved Ok when she settled really covered the ground with a long stride.
3rd Coates & Conder's - Wothersome Diamond Doris.


Graduate Bitch 4

1st Gleeson's - Vetdtkammer Jog On. Dark Wheaten, Very smart. Head, skull –muzzle ratio good, good eye shape but a little light in colour. Nice length of neck, shoulder angulated, upper arm could be better. Lacks front brisket could be deeper. Adequate rear agulation. Strong over loin, top line correct. Moved well profile and coming and going.
2nd Jones' - Rozelridge`s Shirika At Blondzpride.   Very strong B. rather thick set through out. A lot of power over shoulder and rear. Her head is Ok but she was flying her ears. Moved sound and positive.
3rd Coates & Conder’s - Wothersome Diamond Doris. 


Post Graduate Bitch 6.1a

1st Kirby's - Shingwidsi  Tshelete Silk  Loved her type. Elegant, feminine yet strong and work like. Most appealing expression, soft eye of good shape, good muzzle with tight clean lips. Graceful strong neck ran into well laid shoulders and good upper arm. Pasterns and feet strong. Deep ribs running well back. Muscled rear, well let down to hock. Movement true. Lovely coat and colour.
2nd Maylor's - Kamili Busara
Won this placed on her excellent ground covering, sound movement. She is a very honest B. Good neck, strong through her body and rear quarters. Head could be cleaner, lips tighter. Flat skull, ears lay correct.
3rd Davis' - Veldtkammer Ready For This from Hasselwell.


Limit Bitch 8.4a

1st Spratling's - Ballyriver Miss Miller Under Unzezi  Very steady laid back girl, not over done in anyway .Lovely pleasant feminine head, gentle kind eye. Well filled in front, long bone, strong pastern and knuckled feet. Well laid shoulders, moderately angled rear. Not always standing at her best but when she moves pulls herself together, covering the ground, sound and positive.
2nd Bates' - Gunthwaite One Cool Diamond.  Beautiful conditioned B looks a picture of health. Strong arched neck well filled front. Powerful bone. Excellent feet and pasterns .Deep Brisket, good ribbing. Her head for me is a little to masculine and square showing to much wrinkle. Moved well when settled did play her handler up not putting in her best.
3rd Swales' - Broani Njeri with Mwani.


Open Bitch 7.3a

1st & Res B. B.  Pearce's - Veldtkammer Moet Chandon. Nicely put together. Good coat and colour. Pleasing head, very good jaw and lips, flat wide skull, neat ears of nice size. Moderate neck, well laid shoulder and return of upper arm. Correct filled front. Good feet and pasterns. Well balanced rear. Strong topline, a little more length to back would balance her out as she   tends to look to square. Movement was nice and steady, drove from rear reached in front.
2nd Thorne’s - Kwekwe K`beya Larger type, good body proportions. Lovely soft feminine expression. Strong clean neck. A little shallow in front, pasterns soft. Well angulated rear. Moved steady covering the ground, lost top line in profile.
3rd Denver's - Mangwe Luna of Vandengan.


Veteran Bitch 4

1st &  B. V. I. S. Cairns' - Rooinek Tintaglia.11 years old enjoying her outing. In excellent condition for age. Lovely head and expression. Balance front to rear. A pleasure to meet her. Went round the ring with ease.
2nd Maylor's - Nayassa  Bibiana at Kamili 7 years old. Nice type, good through head, good lips and jaw, ears rather large. Good length to height. Moved steady. A little soft through her body.
3rd Carlton's - Flametrees Zuli at Umhlanda.





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