Open Show 15th November 2014
In support of
Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Support and Rescue Trust

Once again a friendly and convivial atmosphere was evident at this, the sixth show, held in support of rescue.

Our thanks go to everyone who took part to make this year's event a success. Particular thanks must go to those who donated the main raffle prizes; the "Christmas Hamper" donated by the Bates Family and the “Booze Bonanza” donated by Liz and Paul Clapping HandsStorey. Also to Toni Agnew for her cup cake creations, which apparently went down rather well! The Rescue Merchandise Stall did well and those manning it were pleased and extremely grateful to receive some generous donations.

Unfortunately entries were down  and attendance also. While figures are not currently available, it is unlikely that total funds raised will be anything like the amount raised last year. Nevertheless, everyone who contributed are deserving of a pat on the back for their efforts. Without you, nothing would have been raised!



The show was held at Whiston Town Hall, Old Colliery Road, Whiston, Merseyside where our judges were Mr A Littlejohn (Dogs) and Ms P Hollings (Bitches)


Best In Show - Hespa Starlit Sky at Hesslewell JW ShCM
Reserve Best in Show - Ozubi's Lewis JW
Best Puppy In Show - Neelanjali Jackson Brown for Tsjakka
Best Veteran in Show - Ch Veldtkammer Red Hot Chick At Jaloumi

Best Dog - Ozubi's Lewis JW
Reserve Best Dog - Msingi Tabula Rasa JW
Best Puppy Dog - Neelanjali Jackson Brown for Tsjakka

Best Bitch - Hespa Starlit Sky at Hesslewell JW ShCM
Reserve Best Bitch - Gunthwaite Born To Be Wicked At Jarhiba
Best Puppy Bitch - Not Awarded


Photographs Courtesy of Julie Bates and Jemma McCarthy

Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show
Best Puppy in Show and Best Veteran in Show
Reserve Best Dog
Reserve Best Bitch

Judges' Critiques

Dogs - Judge, Drew Littlejohn

Firstly may I thank the Officers and Committee for the hospitality extended to both my wife and myself. There were many good dogs and, with my co judge Mrs Patsy Hollings, we came to our joint decisions amicably. However, we did reach an enjoyable failure to agree on Best Veteran, having to rely on the Referee, Mrs Grayson-Wood.

Minor Puppy Dog 3(0)

1st Barnard’s Neelanjali Jackson Brown for Tsjakka – Good feet and topline, clean ridge, head still needs to break but he’s still only a baby. Moved steadily and well. – Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Torr’s Salmon’s Praide of Extranatural Phenomenon (Imp) – Dark mask, good head and ear set, just at that awkward puppy age.
3rd Morais’ Nyassa’s King of Leon

Puppy Dog 1(0)

1st Barnard’s Neelanjali Jackson Brown for Tsjakka

Junior Dog 3(1)

1st Murphy’s Amahle Mpho at Lusapho – Good size and colour, good breadth to skull, neat feet and well boned. Chest still has to drop.
2nd Moss, Lewis & Gray’s Kijivu’s Knockboy – Such a pity this boy was as nervous because there was a lot to like. Good neck head and ears, well proportioned and when steady presented a good profile

Novice Dog 1(0)

1st Paton’s Kamili Change of Habit – Strong well sized dog, good depth to chest, well knuckled feet, clear ridge, move well. Good head and ears.

Graduate Dog 3 (1)

1st Barnes’ Diamondridge Da Vinci – Good head with dark muzzle and eyes. Held his topline standing but tended to dip on the move. Good bone and feet.
2nd Paton’s Kamili Change of Habit

PGD 1(1)Absent


Limit Dog 2(1)

1st Pearce’s Msingi Tabula Rasa JW – Good head, ears, eyes and neck, but felt his outline a little bit on the square side. For my taste his feet could be a little tighter. Moved well. Reserve Best Dog

Open Dog 5(3)

1st Jeffrey’s Ozubi’s Lewis JW – Good size, well muscled and presented a well balanced outline. Good feet and ridge. Moved well holding his topline. Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show
2nd Miles’ Jaloumi Causing Havoc – Similar to 1 but darker in head. Topline OK but felt his movement wasn’t as sharp as 1.

Veteran Dog 2(1)

1st Barnard’s Tsjakka Just Joey – 7 ½ year old youngster. Liked his head, eyes, ears and tailset, moved well


Bitches - Judge, Patsy Hollings

What a friendly bunch, who put on a lovely show with great effort to make the hall fitting their Jubilee year, well done. I was well looked after and spent the morning chatting to Drew Littlejohn’s super wife Susan. Drew and I agreed on final placements BIS, going to the bitch, Hespa Starlit Sky at Hesslewell JW. Res BIS, the Dog, Ozubi’s Lewis, JW. BP, the Dog, Neelanjali Jackson Brown for Tsjakka. However, we liked both veterans, therefore referee, Mrs. Grayson –Wood, had the choice. Deciding on the bitch Ch. Veldtkammer Red Hot Chick at Jaloumi.

Minor Puppy Bitch 1-1 absent


Puppy Bitch 2-2 absent


Junior Bitch 3-1 absent

1st Hurn’s Abayomi The Light Fantastic. Just out of puppy, feminine with quality bone and correct body for age. Good length of head with flat skull, correct plains and clean strong jaw. Dry neckline flowing through well held topline to good tail set. Needs to finish in front, but that comes with maturity. Great personality.

2nd Barnes’ Diamondridge Delightful Substantial girl. Correct ear, dark eye with bright, wise expression. Quality bone and compact feet Constructed so well and goes with true action. Fit muscular and clean all through. Honest sound one.

Novice Bitch 2

1st Barnes’ Diamondridge Delightful
2nd Torr’s Bezillya Mireya Lion Chaser (Imp)
Elegant, fit with developed muscular definition. Balanced head with clean flews and strong well placed teeth. Power through front & neckline. Just not the reach of winner

Post Graduate Bitch  2 2 grand bitches.

1st Jeffrey’s Nyassa’s Uptown Girl Agile, supple, well put together with correct angles fore and aft, therefore has ground cover and true action. Strong, yet clean feminine head, with sound expression. Flowing lines and has depth with neat elbows. Width to rump and developed quarters with strong hocks.
2nd Catharell’s Kitoko Mabel Loved this head, just so typical with that sparkling expression from well set eye. Has width of skull, length of foreface strong jaw, and clean lips. Liked her size and proportions. A lovely bitch. Would like her a touch more animated but this could easily change in a bigger, outside ring.

Limit Bitch 6-5 absent

1st Maylor’s Kamill Asabi This 2 year old, has a head that is balanced, with typical outlook, flat skull and strong jaw. Arched ,muscular neck, ribs are sprung and have depth to firm loin. Goes holding attractive typical outline with correct tail use.

Open Bitch 5-1 absent What a satisfying class of lovely bitches

1st Davis’ Hespa Starlit Sky At Hesslewell JW. This one fulfilled the standard for me. On top form and therefore not surprised to learn later, that she recently gained her title. Size and balance, coupled with correct skeletal construction and typical silhouette, afford her an eye catching appearance both standing and moving. On closer inspection the head has balance with correct skull ears set high, not too big, eyes give an intelligent outlook, with just enough chiselling below to enhance this. Straight front, quality bone & feet, good lay of shoulder with return of upper arm to allow reach and neat elbow. Has depth with length of sprung ribs to form correct underline. Best Bitch and Best In Show
2nd Bates, McCarthy-Booth & McCarthy’s, Gunthwaite Born To Be Wicked At Jarhiba.
Very close up as a real quality Ridgeback with balance, type and gleaming coat and muscled throughout. Classy one with bone, balance, beautiful outline and goes with ease and true footfall. This youngster should gain her title . Well deserved Reserve Best Bitch
3rd Maylor’s Ch Kamill Comes And Goes JW

Veteran Bitch 2

1st Miles’ Ch Veldtkammer Red Hot Chick At Jaloumi 8 years. Easy long striding bitch who looks as if she could just go all day, no wasted effort can only be achieved with well constructed skeleton and correct body. Very clean throughout and in lovely order . Best Veteran In Show
2nd Lawless’ Ch Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi To Faahac Sh.CM. (Imp)
10 years and certainly carries her years with ease. Lovely side gait, free with ground cover. Just not quite as positive in front as winner, but more aged. Lovely side and outline, true to type. Both a pleasure to go over.



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