OPEN SHOW  Saturday 22nd March 2014
Judge - Ms Helen Mansfield (Shingwidsi)

The Club Open Show was held at the Rixton-with-Glazebrook Community Hall, Rixton where our judge was Ms Helen Mansfield.

Best In Show - Roseridge Royal Romeo JW AI (Imp Swe)
Reserve Best In Show - Kiromol Kendi JW
Best Puppy In Show - Gunthwaite Cool Crazy Lady Of Vanengan
Best Veteran in Show - Ch Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi To Faahac ShCM JW (Imp Swe)

Best Dog - Roseridge Royal Romeo JW AI (Imp Swe)
Reserve Best Dog - Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW
Best Puppy Dog - Colkeririn Light of Rubiltra
Best Bitch - Kiromol Kendi JW
Reserve Best Bitch - Kamili Comes And Goes JW
Best Puppy Bitch - Gunthwaite Cool Crazy Lady Of Vanengan


Golden Jubilee Year Open Show

All photographs courtesy of Jemma McCarthy

Judges Table Trophy Table Toni's Cupcakes BIS, Res BIS, BPIS and BVIS Dog Lineup Bitch Lineup


BIS Roseridge Royal Romeo JW AI (Imp Swe)
  RBIS Kiromol Kendi JW
BPIS Gunthwaite Cool Crazy Lady Of Vanengan
BVIS Ch Hayawani Amambaa Rangi To Faahac ShCM JW (Imp Swe)

Dog Line Up 
Dog Line Up
Roseridge Royal Romeo JW AI (Imp Swe), Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW and Colkeririn Light of Rubiltra

Bitch Line Up 
Bitch Line Up
Kiromol Kendi JW, Kamili Comes And Goes JW and Gunthwaite Cool Crazy Lady Of Vanengan



Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge their Golden Anniversary Open Show. It was evident how much hard work had gone into making it a memorable occasion. Thank you to my two stewards for keeping me organised. It was a pleasure to judge so many excellent Ridgebacks and my sincere thanks go to all of the exhibitors for such a wonderful day. I am sure in a different ring environment some places would change. I love watching the balanced, free, active stride required by our breed as an endurance hound and was delighted to find it in many. However, some hounds were not happy with the ring conditions and exhibited an unbalanced gait; often a short, rushed, movement. I have not commented individually on ridges as I found all acceptable. Mouths generally were good and temperaments were excellent.

Minor Puppy Dog 4

1st Doughty’s - Colkeririn Indali Light of Rubiltra  8mth old wheaten, super temperament.  Lovely head plains with good depth and length, nice shaped eye and good ear set.  Excellent neck length and shape, set correctly at the withers.  Nice lay of shoulder leading to straight bone.  Elbows close to body. Good depth and width throughout for age, developing a good top line and coming off the croup nicely.  Good rear angles with nice turn of stifle and well let down hocks.  Moved with a long, true stride.
2nd Hodge's - Colkeririn’s Sunlight Litter brother to 1st and currently rangier throughout but displaying many of his brother’s qualities.   Beautiful head, good eye and correct ears.  Super neck leading to lovely top line and good placement of shoulder.  Good angles fore and aft.  Straight front and good, correct feet.  Effortless movement, will just be slower to mature.
3rd Bates' - Gunthwaite's Too Cool To Fool


Puppy Dog 2

1st Doughty's - Colkeririn Indali Light of Rubiltra BPD
2nd Hodge's - Colkeririn’s Sunlight


Junior Dog 0


Novice Dog 3 1a

1st Geeves’ - Sonstraal Dream On Good head proportions without coarseness, correct ears and eyes giving kind expression.  Lovely strong neck flowing to excellent shoulder placement.  Good depth to brisket with correct proportional width.  Tight elbows, lovely straight front with good feet.  Good top line, well ribbed, strong through the loin and came off the croup correctly.  Good tail carriage.  Balanced rear angles and well let down hocks. Moved out well and very true fore and aft.
2nd Paton’s - Kamili Change Of Habit.  Same sire as 1st and a lot of the above can be reiterated. Dog and owner at their first show and I do hope they continue because this boy had a lot of excellent qualities and was full of type. Beautiful head of good proportions that is beginning to develop the distinctive chiseling.  Good neck into correct shoulder, lovely length and depth throughout and good turn of stifle.  Wasn’t too happy on the move but his construction suggests that with ringcraft and the right environment he will move correctly


Graduate Dog 2 1a

1st Poleman’s - Kiromol Khulani.  An upstanding youngster full of type with a beautiful head, good length and depth which is just breaking into adult hood. Kind dark eye of correct shape. Strong elegant neck leading to correct top line.  A balanced lay of shoulder and turn of stifle.  Correct feet and pasterns. Good depth of chest and nice tight elbows. Well ribbed with good underline, strong loin with good arch, beginning to develop strength throughout. Movement good but a little stilted as he did not seem happy with the mats


Post Graduate Dog 0


Limit Dog 8

1st Geeves’ - Roseridge Royal Romeo JW (AI) (Imp Swe).  A moderate young hound, conveying strength and balance with no exaggerations so that your eye flows over him.  Strong head of good proportions.  Kind, dark, round eye and good ear set and shape.  Super neck free from any throatiness leading to good front assembly.  Lovely sloping shoulders, correct upper arm, tight elbows well under the shoulder, straight forelegs, strong pasterns and fantastic feet.  Excellent top line that was maintained throughout.  Proportionately good depth, length and spring, correct underline coming from good ribbing and strong coupling, well arched loin leading to correct set of croup giving good tail set and carriage. Well angulated rear with correct turn of stifle, width to thighs and low set hocks.  Moved with an easy flowing positive stride which gave correct true movement fore and aft.  Looked as if he could move all day without tiring.  Delighted to award him BD and BIS.
2nd Ashman’s - Eilack Kito Kijani.  Beautiful hound who also conveys type and strength while being moderate.  Very balanced when stacked and on the move.  Lovely head with good depth and length to muzzle and correct stop.  Good eye shape and excellent ear set and shape.  Strong neck with enough length.  Good lay of shoulder with enough upper arm and tight elbows. Standing on strong straight legs, correct pasterns and good feet.  Correct top line, good depth and proportionate width to chest, nice ribbing leading to good coupling.  Correct length to croup, with good tail set.  Good turn of stifle and first and second thigh giving strength to his easy stride.
3rd Whiteside’s - Morlingcourt Perfect Rogue.


Open Dog 5 2a

1st Piehl’s - Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW ShCM.  A powerful balanced hound who is a showman.  Full of type, lovely head with correct depth and plains.  Kind eye and correct ears and set. Lovely long neck with no throatiness meeting the withers correctly, well angulated shoulders.  Good straight bone leading to ideal pasterns and excellent feet.  Lovely length, depth and spring to body, strong top line, longer in loin but still with good strong arch. Correct croup, tail set and tail carriage.  Strong hindquarters, with good turn of stifle, correctly developed first and second thighs, well let down hocks.  Effortless long stride that flowed beautifully giving very true, correct movement.  A very worthy champion RBD.
2nd Brien & Young’s - Jengachenga Atsama for Imanje.  Super head with correct lines, stop  and padding to the muzzle.  Good ear set and correct eye giving a typical kind gentle expression.  Clean neck of good length.  Balanced throughout with adequate angulation at the shoulder and rear.  Shows strength without coarseness.  Good depth and proportionally correct length and width.  Straight front, good pasterns and excellent feet.  Well ribbed back, not too steep off the the croup and has good tail and carriage. Well developed thighs.  Moderate hound who is pleasing to the eye.  Good balanced movement.
3rd Carlton’s - Umhlandla Bukekayo. 


Veteran Dog 4 1a

Three very handsome gentleman that were all full of breed type, good construction and could show some of the youngsters how to move.
1st Hodge’s - Multi Int Ch Columbia Bluesky Of Courage SC (IMP USA).  The oldest at 10 years but giving little away with age.  He moved out with purpose and drive and conveyed the impression that in his younger days he could’ve travelled miles with little effort.  Smaller stamp than many exhibited today but still lots of breed type.  Lovely head with kind expression.  Good neck with super arch.  Good angulation, tight elbows, fantastic pasterns and good feet.  Nicely ribbed, proportionately correct depth, width and length to body.  Good rear angulation and well let down hocks.
2nd Geeves’ - Ch Matabelle Masterpiece.  7 years old.  Lovely expressive head of super length, with kind eye.  Beautiful long, elegant, yet strong neck, meeting the withers correctly.  Good lay of shoulder, straight front and tight elbows.  Strong through his body which has the correct depth, length and spring.  Correct off the croup to tail and tail carriage.  Good rear angulation, well let down hocks.  Excellent feet and pasterns.  Correct easy movement.
3rd Lynn’s - Tsjakka Just Joey


Minor Puppy Bitch 3

1st Denver’s - Gunthwaite’s Cool Crazy Lady of Vandengen. Really liked this elegant girl of 7mths. Very pretty clean head of good proportions. Expressive eye and good ear set and shape.  Super neck with length and strength sweeping nicely onto the withers.  Good straight front coming from nice lay of shoulder and tight elbows. Lovely top line showing the strength she will have through her body when mature.  Depth, spring and underline correct for this stage in her development.  Excellent tail carriage.  Lovely rear angles and turn of stifle with well let down hocks.  Easy light movement that was true fore and aft. No hesitation to award her BPB & BPIS and I am sure she will have a fantastic show career.
2nd Clark-Maclean’s - Callm The Special One.  Lots to like about this 6mth old puppy.  Lovely expressive head of even proportions, correct eyes and ears.  Lovely length to neck.  Good angles fore and aft giving balance.  Nice straight front.  Lovely shape to her body, good top line and coming off the croup nicely.  Correct tail set and carriage.  Good rear and well set hocks.  Moved and handled well.
3rd Brien & Young’s - Imanje Msitu Mashamba.


Puppy Bitch 1

1st Carlton’s - Kalunda Kahluah at Umhlandla.  Stood alone but lovely elegant 11mth old.  Feminine head, kind intelligent eye of good shape and ear shape good.  Strong, long neck leading correctly onto withers.  Nice lay of shoulder, leading to straight front, good pasterns and beautiful feet.  Really lovely body shape with nice underline and good top line, coming off the croup correctly, good tail set.  Moved out with an easy stride. 


Junior Bitch 7 2a

1st Storey & Piehl’s - Kiromol Kendi JW.  Beautiful moderate bitch full of type. Gorgeous clean head and expression, correct plains and proportions with lovely deep muzzle, good eye set and shape with kind dark eye, correct ear placement and shape.  Beautiful lines that fill the eye without exaggeration.  Lovely strong neck leading to clean withers and good top line, showing the correct rise over the loin. Good tail carriage.  Lovely lay of shoulder with correct return.  Tight elbows, strong straight bone leading to correct pastern and super feet.  Well ribbed, proportionate length and width, good underline.  Strong rear quarters with good turn of stifle and well let down hock.  Could be a little silly on the move but still very young.  When she got into her stride she had a beautiful long free flowing movement, very true fore and aft.  Pleased to award her BB and RBIS.
2nd Pearce’s - Msingi Your Da One.  Feminine moderate bitch.  Kind dark eye, good ear set and shape.  Strong neck, good lay of shoulder, strong straight bone.  Good width, depth and spring through body for age.  Strong top line and well ribbed.  Good hind angulations, with good development of first and second thigh, well let down hocks. Moved with drive.
3rd Bates & McCarthy-Booth’s - Gunthwaite Born To Be Wicked at Jarhiba.


Novice Bitch 1

1st Carlton’s - Kalunda Kahluah at Umhlandla.


Graduate Bitch 4 1a

1st Maylor’s - Kamili Coat Of Many Colours.  Strong bitch who has a good shape, bone and substance.  Feminine head of good proportions, good depth to muzzle, kind dark eye.  Nice clean neck, strong front assembly. Good lay of shoulder, straight front and good pasterns.  Good depth of brisket and proportionately correct spring and length.  Good top line and well ribbed. Strong balanced rear giving plenty of drive to her long, effortless stride.
2nd Bull’s - Kamili Closer By The Hour.  I liked this elegant upright bitch and just wished her movement, though good, had been more precise.  More refined than first, her litter sister, though they have many of the same qualities.  Beautiful head and lovely eye.  Clean elegant neck leading correctly onto the withers.  Nice top line and good under line. Well ribbed and strong through the loin.  Carried her tail well.  More open angles front and rear but still very correct, tight elbows, straight front, good pasterns and feet.
3rd  Deehan’s - Imbasa Kaniphile of Mukumbura.


Post Graduate Bitch 5 1a

1st Lloyd’s - Faahac Royal Fenvi van Bomazi.  Very elegant quality bitch who l liked a lot.  Beautiful feminine head of excellent plains, length and depth; kind, well shaped dark eye, good ear placement.  Super clean neck of good length with a crest leading beautifully onto the withers.  Good lay of shoulder, tight elbows, lovely straight front and correct pasterns and feet.  Best of toplines and super underline, nice depth, lovely shape conveying strength through the body with good ribbing and strong loin.  Lovely rear angles, good first and second thigh, correct hocks.  Good tail set and carriage.  Beautifully balanced, movement good fore and aft but was a little stilted in profile.
2nd Zhao’s - Shona Out Of Africa Nyanga at Himaladolce.  Upstanding bitch with feminine head and nice dark eye. Good clean crested neck, leading to good top line.  Good front angles straight front and good pasterns.  Well ribbed, nice length and width to body.  Adequate rear angulation to produce a nice steady movement.
3rd Catharell’s - Kitoko Mabel.


Limit Bitch 6 1a

1st Maylor’s - Kamili Comes And Goes JW.  Very beautiful bitch that is full of type and very balanced throughout.  Feminine head which is developing along good parallel plains, good depth to muzzle.  Lovely dark kind eye and good ear set and shape.  Good reach of neck leading to super front assembly.  Tight elbows under withers.  Good lay of shoulder and return.  Strong straight front, good pasterns and super feet.  Nice length and depth with correct spring.  Good ribbing and lovely underline.  Super top line maintained at all times, coming nicely off the croup to correct tail set and carriage.  Beautiful rear angles, well let down hocks giving drive to her effortless far reaching movement.  Very happy to award her RBB.
2nd Davis’ - Hespa Starlit Sky at Hesslewell JW ShCM.  Strong bitch with a lovely feminine head.  Excellent plains and distinctive chiseling.  Correct eye and ear set.  Good length to neck.  Correct lay of shoulder, tight elbows, straight front, excellent pasterns and good feet.  Nice proportions throughout portraying strength and substance.  Good top line, tail set and carriage.Well developed rear and nice turn of stifle.  Moved out well and very precise fore and aft.
3rd Storey & Piehl’s - Trumphills But Of Course at Kiromol (Imp Can). 


Open Bitch 7 2a

1st Cannon’s - Gunthwaite Midnight Babe for Abayomi. Quality upstanding bitch who is very strong and balanced throughout.  Good head with lovely length and plains, correct depth to muzzle and dark eye.  Nice clean long neck leading to good lay of shoulder, tight elbows, super straight front, good pasterns and feet.  Good top line, correct depth and length with nice spring. Well ribbed and strong loin.  Good tail carriage.  Well developed rear with nice turn of stifle and well let down hocks enabling plenty of drive and precision but felt movement lacked fluidity.
2nd Brien & Young’s - Jengachenga Bold As Brass for Imanje JW ShCM.  Very pretty feminine bitch with a lovely kind head of good proportions and a nice correct dark eye.  Lovely clean neck of good length leading correctly to the withers.  Nice front angulation with tight elbows, straight front, good pasterns and correct feet.  Lovely through the body with enough depth, length and spring.  Comes nicely off the croup to a good tail set and carriage.  Good rear angulation and well let down hocks.  Moved out nicely, true fore and aft.
3rd Smith’s - Neelanjali Premier Rose at Lilongwe.


Veteran Bitch 5 1a

Another lovely class of veterans, showing breed type and good construction. A testament to their owners and the health of our breed, especially the grand lady of nearly 14 years, who loved her time in the ring.
1st Lawless’ - Ch Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi to Faahac ShCM (Imp Swe).  At nearly 10 years old and with her maternity duties evident this upstanding bitch is beautiful and full of quality.  Beautiful head with parallel plains and distinctive chiseling.  Kind eye of good shape and set, good ear shape and set.  Correct pigmentation and colouring for a liver.  Lovely long clean neck leading to good front angulation.  Beautiful straight front, good pasterns and excellent feet.  Good top line at all times with a strong loin leading to correct croup, tail set and carriage.  Beautiful rear angulation with good width to first and second thigh, well let down hocks. Effortless movement which flowed round the ring. BVIS
2nd Miles’ - Ch Veldtkammer Red Hot Chick at Jaloumi.  Elegant quality 7 year old bitch, full of type and balance.  Lovely correct head, good depth to muzzle.  Beautiful kind, dark eye and correct ear set and shape.  Lovely long clean neck leading to good lay of shoulder with good return, straight front, strong pasterns and good feet.  Lovely body proportions, well ribbed back and strong loin.  Correct croup, lovely tail set and carriage.  Strong rear with correct rear angulation with good turn of stifle and well let down hocks.  Precise movement but didn’t seem too happy with the mats.
3rd Barnes’ - Diamondridge Dollisma.  


Puppy Walk 4-6 Months 2

Litter brother and sister with super temperaments.  Both have super heads, lovely proportions, good depth to muzzles, lovely dark eyes, so similar but showing the differences between male and female heads clearly.  Lovely front and rear angles, lots of bone, super shape through the body with good infill. Good ribbing and well let down in the hocks.  Both showing lots of promise.  Will watch them with interest.
1st Barnes’ - Diamondridge Delightful.  Living up to her beautiful hound name.  An absolute sweetheart and just that little bit more together and co-ordinated than her brother.
2nd Barnes’ - Diamondridge Davinci.

Judge Helen Mansfield




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