Rainbow Bridge

A Page in Memory of Members' Loved Companions Who Have Gone to Rainbow Bridge

Photographs, together with your pet's details and anything you would like to say about him/her, should be emailed to the club secretary Mrs Jackie McCarthy-Booth at jmb2103@gmail.com


24/03/200 - 25/07/2015
Owned Loved & Sorely Missed by Carol Ann Carlton

Her spirit was strong, but her hindquarters were weak. She taught me the value of eye contact and so much more. Nothing is quite the same without her here...


Poppy and StormPoppy
2003 - 2015
Owned by Sid and Pat Thorne
Adopted by The Harden family on Pat's passing

It was with a heavy heart that I sadly had to help Poppy from Kwekwe Ridgebacks pass over to Rainbow Bridge. She and Storm had settled in so well in their new home but despite an enormous effort by our Vet the strain of only having 3 legs proved to be too much for her.

Poppy has loved being able to run around the garden, have lots of cuddles and settling into the lounge all day with lots of people around. Storm is missing her terribly but we will lavish her with love to get her through this difficult time. They have been inseparable for over 9 years. It eases our heartache knowing that Sid and Pat are waiting for her at the other side of the bridge.

We will miss you Poppy. With all our love from your second family.

Lois, Adam , Kristy and Kayden Harden


1998 - 2014
Owned Loved and Sorely Missed By
John & Cheryl Mackfall

Our Beautiful Hamish passed away peacefully on November 13th 2014 at the great age of 16 years and one month old.

He was a great Ridgeback Character around the show scene and at home, he will be missed greatly by John and Cheryl Mackfall and their family also Gillian Craven who bred him for us all to love.


18/12/2002 - 21/08/20014
Owned by John Parrott, bred by Carol Ann Carlton and loved by both.

She has finally been laid to rest after a tough year. Such a brave girl, I miss her very much.


25/09/2000 - 13/06/2013
Owned, Loved and Sorely Missed By
Jean & Derek Smith and Family

Our Dear Lotti

Come close now friends
And listen well
As we tell you of
Our special girl
Baby Lotti

Those dark bright eyes
Those outsized ears
Memories from
Her early years
Young Lotti

Her stubborn streak
Her easy way
Her gentle touch
Her bouncy play
Sweet Lotti

She loved all kids
When they ran riot
With her and her toys
It never was quiet
Nanny Lotti

But Time is our master
His ravage unending
Her body slowed down
Time was unbending
Dear Lotti

And so came the day
She crossed over the bridge
Our special girl
Of perfect ridge
Old Lotti

Just remember sweet girl
As you play in the sun
We’ll join you one day
Love from dad and your mum
Our Lotti.

Author Derek Smith

06/06/2000 - 18/03/2013
Owned, Loved and Sorely Missed By
Mikki Burgess

... What would I have done without you.
My soul mate, my friend.
My constant companion the last 13 years.
We were a team.
No words to express the pain at saying goodbye and letting you go.
Off you go now and find Lana, my darling boy, and wait for me at the Bridge
I miss you so much.

18/07/1999 - 18/02/2012
Owned, Loved and Sorely Missed By
Julie, Anne, David and Rosie Bates

February 2012
Owned, Loved and Sorely Missed By
The Hampton Family - Shropshire

Hennie and his sister Nyoni, were inseparable from the day they were born. We managed to find them through kind assistance from Brian and Sheila Firth and Ron and Maureen Winterbottom.

From the moment we got them home, we quickly discovered what a loving and fun bundle they were! They soon got used to the addition of our two daughters within two and a half years of having them and the 70 or so pedigree milking goats that followed, as my cheesemaking business grew! An enduring image I have is of Hennie, his sister Nyoni and our two daughters playing in their paddling pool on the lawn. The children would waddle on the grass in the July heat, safely under the willow tree while the dogs stood by, watching and protecting them. Even though I was always present, it was as though both dogs knew that their role was to safeguard our children and to keep them from harm.

We used to take Hennie and Nyoni for daily walks in our fields and down the lane. They knew the rhythm of the seasons as well as any farmer. In winter we would build snowmen and go sledging down the hill, the dogs gambolling in the deep snow. In spring, they would be excited by the promise of warmer, longer days and more goats milk to drink. Summer was by far, their favourite season and both Hennie and Nyoni would love nothing more than to sun themselves up against a wall, snapping flies in their jaws and to enjoy lying at our feet as we sat and watched the sun go down of a balmy summer's evening. In late summer, one of our favourite games was bale jumping; whether the bales were large or small, the dogs would clamber up and play 'King of the Castle' barking at each other and wagging their tails in playful provocation.

On fine days the children would ride their bikes or scooters (sometimes we adults joined in too!) at speed around the tarmac periphery of our house. Hennie, especially, would enjoy bounding alongside them barking with excitement and the thrill of the chase. Whatever our mood and activity, the dogs joined in and reflected it.

No matter what season, the dogs always wanted to be with us. Hennie, from the very beginning, was a gentleman in the true sense of the word. He was calm, intensely loyal, loving and devoted. He was everything you could possibly wish for in a dog.

It was a shock when Hennie suddenly became ill and his mobility failed. It was sad to see him, albeit for a couple of days, as a shadow of his former self. Luckily he did not suffer long. Nyoni is still with us and is proving to be remarkably stoic, yet loving.

We will always remember Hennie. He was the most noble of dogs.

02/11/2000 - 04/03/2011
Owned, Loved and Sorely Missed By
Lisa Mills

30/10/1999 - 28/11/2010
Owned, Loved and Sorely Missed By
Mark Cannon and Diane Wickstead

Tarda was our first Ridgeback and we honestly think we will probably never have another like him, he had a level of intelligence that was quite remarkable and a memory that was so amazing that any person or place he visited only once he would remember even several years later.

He was a true friend and left a large void in our lives when he was sadly put to sleep after suddenly becoming ill but luckily before he had chance to suffer.

Kimba - Having a RollKimba
03/01/1996 - 09/11/2010
Owned, Loved and Sorely Missed By
Jean & Derek Smith and Family

Our Sweet Kimba

Don’t wait for us our Kimba, our sweet
Across the bridge are friends to meet
Your mum and me will be just fine
Look at your eyes how now they shine

Restored once more with healthy glow
It hurt so much to let you go
But go you must to show the way
We’ll join you there, one fine day

Rosko awaits to play old games
No longer allowed by your creaking frame
Misty and Smokey both wait to renew
That special bond they had with you

Old Simba is there, who never you met
Don’t worry he’s nice, no need to fret
Twas you that gave us all a new start
When Simba crossed over and broke our hearts

There’ll be Rabbits, Hamsters and old Trixie to
You'll not know them but they'll know you
So many a friend will you find that you have
And we’ll always love you, your mum and your dad

Author Derek Smith

07/11/1998 - 15/03/2010
Owned, Loved and Sorely Missed By
Lisa Mills

21/04/1999 - 11/08/2009
Owned, Loved and Sorely Missed By
Jean and Derek Smith

Sadly we lost our lovely boy in August 2009 after a short but devastating illness. Until we meet again, our handsome boy, Rosko.

RoskoChatting with Rosko - 11th August 2009

Ah Rosko, Rosko, where did they go
Those years so fleeting and short
“I don’t know Dad but please don’t cry
I’m here within your thoughts”

Is that you my boy, have you come
To help me through this night
But not too loud, the house is sleeping
Do you know it’s past midnight

“I do indeed 'tis with hushed tones
Your companion I will be
Until weary and tired sleep does come
But still you’ll be with me”

I will my boy, I’ll not leave your side
And neither you’ll leave mine
We’ll talk together, reminisce
At that we’ll both be fine

“I’d like that Dad as long as you
Will stroke me ‘round my ears
And brush my neck with gentle touch
Just as you’ve done for years”

A pleasure my boy, come sit with me
And nestle by my side
‘twill be a long night for both of us
For me no easy ride

“I know the pain you suffer now
Both you and my loving Mum
I know you love me and I love you both
I’m really not that dumb!”

“I see sleep has come, you both need rest
When called I’ll always come
Things will be as they ever were
Rosko, your loving son”

Author Derek Smith



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